How To Be More Like Jesus Christ

In his day, he was often treated like a pariah by the people who called themselves followers of him. We can be more like him– we can be his disciples, his friends, and his people. That doesn’t mean we need to follow in his footsteps and do what he did. What comes easily for someone might feel impossible for another. God is bigger than he can ever be.

Don’t try to be like him in a way that makes you more like him than you are (for instance, follow the advice in this blog post — but in a way that’s better for you). Instead, follow him in a way that’s really good for you. Jesus is much more like you than you could ever be like him. (We are not saying you have to share everything.) But you need to focus on what his disciples did and saw. It’s that simple. (Learn more about why he’s more like you here .

It Is Better To Be Like Him Than To Follow Him

Most people see the Bible as evidence for Jesus’ divinity– a claim based upon his miracles and how he fulfilled prophecies. (If he were a normal human, then he would’ve done these things, and probably could have done more.) However, Jesus was not “one of us.” This doesn’t excuse his mistakes– and neither do the numerous myths that surround him. God has made it clear that it’s better not to follow him– not to be like him. Instead, it’s better to follow Jesus’ example. Follow the lessons he taught and do what he did to make him shine in your life. Learn more about Jesus’ example here . This doesn’t mean you should “follow Jesus’ example” any more or any less than you’re supposed to follow God’s example. That’s not how it works. But it means that instead of focusing on him, you need to focus on what the prophets and apostles were like– and what he was like. ( Learn about Jesus’ example here .

Jesus Wasn’t Alone– He Had Friends

A few years ago, an evangelical friend told me– just before he started dating a young woman, when he had already been dating her for a few months– he was going to be married by the end of the week.  He said he would marry her if he found someone he believed could make him happy. Then I noticed something very interesting — he said a lot about that he believed in  other friends. (He said he was looking for a “special person” for that.  I thought, “Oh no, wait a minute!  I’ve never thought of that!  I bet that wasn’t  an answer he was expecting!”)

If I’m remembering his reasoning correctly, he would want someone who would be that person for him. Someone strong enough to give him the strength to do the things God meant for him to do, not because they could be “easy.” A strong faith helps people survive tough times and tough choices. You have to be a really good person to survive tough choices. If you focus on what God expects from you and not on fulfilling your own dreams, you can make it through.  If you take care of your family and your friends, they can help you stay strong. You can help each other through tough times– even when the odds seem to be against you. “The fruit of your faith is righteousness, peace, patience and goodness.”  That’s a statement God himself speaks about– and that is true of many people. (He told his disciples that he would be with them, at least until the end, and that he would never leave them. (Read John 19:16 to see more about this .)

Jesus Taught us about this. If you are a man, he said, look for your companion (that’s a husband, a wife, a husband and wife, etc), because if you don’t find a woman who is like you– or, if you do– be thankful and don’t be anxious. He didn’t say that you need a special friend, and not a special wife or husband.