How To Be Positive In A World That Can Make You Down

Today I’m happy to tell you I have learned that we are actually not as negative as it seems, just misunderstood.

Today I’m happy to tell you I have learned that we are actually not as negative as it seems. Not everyone around us is in such a state of negativity that we need to be constantly “pushed outwards.” I think we need to be a little more accepting of each other and of ourselves. Just because someone walks away from an uncomfortable conversation, doesn’t mean they aren’t happy; they may just be in a different place now. It may not be in their hands.

If you’re uncomfortable with a stranger, don’t feel like you have to tell them to leave you alone. Do you know how many times I’ve had this happen and people have said, “I’m just getting to know her!”? “We’ll hang out again” or “I just want to talk to you.”

The only person I know who is okay talking to strangers is me. Because that’s the only person I know that can and will do that to me. That’s the only person I know.

Because that’s the only person I know.

I’m so happy being out here in all the world and not having to hide myself and let the negative person make me feel bad for my feelings.

I want to encourage you to love yourselves, and others, no matter how they look. I want to encourage you to be yourself, even if that person is someone who looks different than you. I want to encourage you to not be scared to be who you are, no matter how you look. I will never stop living my truth.

It’s easier now that you know that, right? Let’s just see if that translates into you knowing how to be happy about yourself. Here are several ways you can help.

If you’re feeling sad, do something about it, don’t just leave it alone. Be happy for others, but stay happy for yourself. Be happy for yourself but don’t lose yourself. Stop taking things out on yourself or being negative to yourself. This is okay. It’s okay not to like it and it’s okay to feel like you don’t. Take care of yourself. This might not be something that will come naturally, but I know if I were to be negative to myself every day, my self-esteem would be destroyed in no time. Don’t wait for something bad before you start caring for yourself. You will see the difference when you start taking care of yourself. Learn and practice how to be happy for yourself. If the people around you are making you unhappy because they’re pushing your thoughts, don’t feel like you have to push them out of your mind. Instead just smile and nod and be positive. You’re okay with it. This might be hard at first, but it will come naturally over time. You do not have to fix anything that is not broken. You are fine the way you are. You are not sick. You’re just a human. You will not be perfect. We all have good days and bad days. You will get better. You will be stronger. This is not life or death. You can stop feeling guilty for things you won’t ever experience, or not having an amazing experience. Just accept yourself. Don’t expect people around you to be around forever.

For some reason I feel I had a lot of negativity in my life that came out of fear.

No one is going to stay with you forever, but I’ve learned that life does go on.

I’m sure there are days where you are not happy.