How To Be Positive In The Age Of Depression

We all need a little cheer in our lives, but can we find it? Sometimes, the best way to cope with depression and anxiety, and learn to be thankful for joy and happiness every day is to stop feeling “down” and instead look out for ourselves. It can feel overwhelming or isolating to focus on other people and other issues, but it’s the only way to take the time to realize that “things are gonna work out” in the end.

For those of you who are interested in this type of “self-love” or “gratitude,” I wrote a couple articles for the Huffington Post. One is about “How To Be Positive In The Age Of Depression” in which I talk about many of the ways to do this, and how to do it in a healthy and creative way. That article can be found here.

The other is a more personal article, “How To Be Grateful In The Age Of Depression” that talks about the fact that it’s important to be grateful for happiness and for joy at work, at school, in a relationship, everywhere.

Now, I should also mention that the first link I posted I linked directly to the post. I realize this is a great way to get a ton of links from people, but I don’t want to make you click through to each one of them for each post on their own. I suggest you click on each link, read the text, and come back to the post to read it again later. If you read the entire post after each link, I’d love for you to leave the link and the text in the comments, so that we can have a complete article of gratitude on how to be positive in the age of depression.

There is so much negativity in this world, and I understand when people are depressed, or worried about the future, but at some point, it can get overwhelming. It can feel more overwhelming before the depression starts, but if you stop blaming everything on others and learn to see the beauty in yourself, you’ll be able to get through it. I recommend a book called “How To Be Happy” by Carol Dweck, and in it she explains how to be grateful for all the great things in your life. 

And here is what a post from the Huffington Post looks like:

The one thing I hope people will take away from this story, and from the rest of what I’m sharing with you, is that you don’t have to be sad or lonely and depressed to take the time to actually appreciate everything about life and the amazing people that you have in your life. It’s not easy because there is so much negativity floating around, but you can do it! And if you’re suffering from something or someone and are trying to take your own life, I truly hope that someone’s story can inspire someone else struggling with depression or anxiety or any kind of mental illness. 

If you’re still struggling with depression or any kind of mental illness, don’t be afraid to contact your Doctor or go to the hospital. But know that you’re not alone. It’s completely normal to feel so hopeless at times, but take care of yourself first. Also, check out this page about how you can find resources on how to find help if you’re struggling: https://www.know.