How To Be Selfless And Help Other People

We all need our moments of self-sacrifice, and we all do our best to avoid it. And yet we do it; and we do it for those we love with all our heart. What are we afraid of losing? It won’t happen to us. What are we afraid of gaining? And why aren’t we more of a part of it? I am hoping to reach people who are not on the sidelines and help them see the light and have a life of joy, purpose, and a sense of fulfillment.

We see ourselves as so busy with the things in the world around us that we lose sight of just how little of it we have, how close this all is to us right now. How can we feel proud of how little we have? It’s a beautiful story to hear. And it is one that most of us have not told ourselves — yet. The things that most of us struggle with are more often than not, the things that we can learn from. And when we are honest with ourselves about our limitations, we have a chance to become more aware of our true strengths and the things that would make life easier and more fulfilling. The thing that people miss when they start to feel overwhelmed is that there is usually still more to do and gain, that there has been always more of us waiting for the day to come, that there is always a little more to learn. This is always true. And there will always be more of you waiting for the day to come.

This blog, my other blogs , my courses, my book, and the course that I recently started, the e-courses I’ve just started on mindfulness, the videos I’ve made, and this wonderful program and training I’ve been doing in the hopes of reaching more people, all represent what I hope to do as I travel the path of mindfulness and help others do the same.

There are two parts to this vision, one that you hear in the lectures or books, and one that is the driving force behind the videos.

The first part of this vision is to get out and share mindfulness on a regular basis. What does that look like, and how can I share it and make it more practical?

I am currently in a position of traveling all around the world while still working full time. Some days I just take my phone with me and walk out into a crowd, and see what I find or just sit at home, or even use the internet, but the overwhelming majority of my time in the last month has been spent on organizing events, speaking at conferences, and talking to interested people. With the assistance of other colleagues in other fields, we have developed a series of videos of me teaching and participating in various settings.

The first course is a video series on the basics of mindfulness.

These videos are meant to be a resource, not a training. I am not a professional, and do not have the experience that most leaders in the mindfulness field have. I am very much just like everyone else here sharing my experiences. And so the videos do not include detailed training in meditation, katas, or formal meditation instruction. Rather, this is a series of short video clips demonstrating the basic concepts of mindfulness. In particular, we focus on “feeling” as a way to help train attention on what is important to focus on. I hope that anyone who watches these videos will have a clear understanding of how to use attention to better manage emotions and stress, and how to make the most of your daily experience. It will take a couple of days for the videos to fully sink in and to become comfortable and familiar with how to concentrate effectively on what needs to be concentrated on. After that time, watching them can serve as a way to check back and see how far you’ve come and how far you need to go. These videos are only meant to teach a specific, foundational lesson about what it’s like for you and I to have the experience of being mindful. And they don’t teach skills in the sense of how you would use them to do daily activities. These videos are for you to experience what it’s like to be focused on the present moment, to think about what is important to focus on, to feel good and motivated to do so, and to become good at doing this and achieving the things that you want to achieve. If you want to learn different mindfulness skills, that’s fine! But the purpose of these videos is to teach you the basics of mindfulness and to see for yourself how you might use these insights in your everyday life. As such, the videos do not include training in the skills that are necessary for achieving many of the things that they hope to accomplish using mindfulness.