How To Be The Best Mom

After all, we are not what we eat, we are not what we wear, we are not what we drink or what we think or where we go for vacation. We are the mother of the world! The mother we are born with, our true nature, and our deepest desires.

The concept of being the best mother is deeply rooted in cultures across the globe. Whether it be in religious teachings, or traditional philosophies, mothers have been seen as the center of one’s life. Mothers are the first to receive the baby, the one who breastfeeds the child, and are the most respected members of the household. As such, mothers have high expectations for themselves and a deep need to be accepted as the best parents possible, and therefore they have high expectations for those around them. In this culture, being the best mother is seen as an absolute goal to strive for and for life to be full of happiness and fulfillment. This is how our mothers perceive us, and it is how we perceive ourselves, and we can make the most of it in this era of ever-expanding abundance in abundance.

As we age, this notion of being the best mother is increasingly difficult, and in many cases impossible. If we feel like we are not the best mother then why would we want to continue this cycle of thinking? How would we continue to get our needs met with those who we see as better than we are? How could we stay positive if we constantly felt like we are not being the best and not getting the praise we deserve, or being the one at home with our children who always gets the best grades? This is a problem for many of us, but it does not have to be. And there are ways we can help ourselves deal with the feeling of not being the best: 

1. Set High Valuations

A lot of adults get caught up in setting “highest and best”, high standards to themselves. Most people have goals and expectations of themselves that they don’t think they can get and will never be able to achieve. They have not put in the time and efforts that it takes to achieve those goals, or that they deem themselves worthy of achieving. The only way that these goals are achieved is if our actions reflect them. This can be done by setting realistic goals in life.

2. Do the Best You Can

This may be the most effective way to deal with this feeling of not being the best, especially for younger people. Do the best you can, and the best that you can do. Do the best you can for your family, and for others. Do your best to love your children, make them feel as loved as possible, and be there for them when they really need you. And the best way that you can do these things is by doing them all the time.

3. Don’t Judge People for Being Better Than You

The best way to deal with this feeling of not being the best mother as you get older? No judgement, no criticism, no judgments. There will be people out there that are just more worthy of being the best mother, and the best parent, than you. Do what you can to show them that they deserve to be more respected than you, that you are at your best when you are with them, and you truly love them.

4. Be the Best Parent You Can Be

The one thing that I can guarantee is that you will not accomplish it if you do not love your children dearly. Every single person around you, including people who may not even like you back, depends on you to protect them, love them, and make them feel loved. This means that you as a parent are the best example of what a parent should be. They will look up to you as they see you as the only parent that loves them more than anything. If you want to be loved by your children you will have to love them in return. The best way to show them how much you love them is to do the best you can as a parent and show them that you are the best parent that you can be.