How To Be Well Today

Life is too short to be happy only for a little while and then be sad for the rest of your life. We can choose to become happy each day, making every moment valuable in itself.  We can use the “Happyspeak” approach that has been adopted by celebrities such as Beyonce and Amy Grant, writing the best we can each day to make it the very best it can be.

Our goal is to become more present in all of the moments of our lives, even ones that look and feel like we need us to be present: the moments where we’re sad, lonely or bored and can’t think of anything to say, or the moments where we need some type of creative stimulation.

The “Happiespeak” approach 

This is what it’s all about:

1. We begin each day in this way: “Today I will live more”

2. Each day is an opportunity in itself: “Today is the best day of my experience thus far”

3. This will help us understand we have to stay present for each day to be truly meaningful

4. We can learn how to better control the day, and make it the happiest day of our lives, and it’s the only day that’s really “mine.”  This helps us to feel more confident on the remaining days of each week.  I love this approach as a way to help us get over the hurdle of being stuck in an unhappy state of being.  It’s the only way to be really happy about our life.  We must experience each week as if it will last forever, for it will.

5. We are going to be happier every day when we choose it.  Let’s commit to the fact that tomorrow is an important day for us to make each of them truly “good.”  Each day should offer us something new and exciting — this will help boost our confidence and our motivation to keep on living it up in each moment.  Not being “good at” something is the biggest problem most people go through in life.  It’s no different to having an illness — it’s a problem, not an accomplishment and it’s not something we should be proud of.  We should just stop wasting our time on it and find a new obsession!  Our job should be to live the life we wish we were living now, but will instead end up getting us sick.  Being happy doesn’t mean you don’t have problems in life.  We all have problems with our spouses, our jobs, our jobs, our homes, or our bodies and that’s OK!  Living with a challenge in our lives provides us with a new experience, and it’s how we grow.

6. We live daily in our “Happyspeech,” not just on our best days. 

How To Enjoy Each Day

1. Let this be your mantra during the day: “Today is the best of my life.”  Letting this be your mantra can help you create a positive state of being in every moment.  It’s not a goal to be achieved, but something that helps us to create a positive flow in our lives.  We can use our words to create a new mindset of hope for the future.  This is also the most powerful technique I’ve found to create positive change in your life.

2. Practice this mantra: “What is most important in my life?”  This gives the power of the word “most.”  It gives the power over your thoughts and encourages you to see everything in a positive light, even the bad days.  You realize you can choose to be on the “most,” or you can be happy for the days that are good.