How To Become A Perfectly Balanced Person

Being a good person is not easy at all. We must all make conscious decisions in our daily lives to help others. We must also be able to take a moment and say “I have done this or that. I’m going to go ahead and do this,” when we’re in a time like this. The trick is making choices in a way that will have the highest chance of impacting the world positively. Because when your choices make the world a better place, it’s really time to call it quits.

As one who believes deeply that kindness, generosity, kindness, and compassion are not only important skills for success, but essential life skills, I often hear others suggest the best things in life come not from power. But the thing about power is that power is inherently selfish, so power isn’t really anything I like at all.

My idea of power was something similar to my favorite motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar. 

It was something that he said was an attitude or a trait, but really, it was more a habit or a way of being. A way of being that made you feel strong, determined, energetic, and confident. That’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it? A way of being that puts you in control and puts all of your energy into something that is positive, creative, and fun.

So I think, rather than focusing on getting more power (whether in physical or other forms), I think we can really get somewhere better by focusing on our behaviors. 

What our behaviors do is that they help to shape and create the environment in which we live. So let’s talk about those changes we can make in the way we live. Here are some things you could do that don’t necessarily involve getting more power.

What you’re not noticing in these behaviors:

a) You’re not constantly creating more and more things of value around you.

b) You’re not constantly creating more and more opportunities to grow and develop.

When I was younger, I would get up in the morning, put on my sweatshirt that I wore to work, and just start working. I would walk to my bus stop, get my paper, and work till I couldn’t anymore. While this was great, it was also creating a toxic environment for myself. That is exactly why I started my business.

I had my business up and running when I was 27. (Yes, before you start thinking that I was still working fulltime or that my business was a huge success, I still worked fulltime. In fact, I even wrote this post while I was writing my book.) That means when I looked at my life as a whole, it was still working, because my business still had opportunities to grow and develop. I knew I could do better. At my best, I could create a huge number of opportunities for my business to grow and improve and become something worth doing that I loved.

You Can Do The Same For Yourself. 

My next big shift in thinking involved the idea of habits versus routine. A habit is something habitual we do every day; a routine is something we do very often, but does not come with a lot of effort. 

What is routine? It’s usually something that you think about, see in your mind’s eye, write down, or repeat over and over again. It’s something that can either get harder or easier as you work on it, but is always a constant.

What is for me, now, is my morning routine. It’s a routine that is built for me from my childhood and continues to be a very big part of what gets me out the door and ready to go every day.

What I’ve found is how easy it is for me to create a habitual routine. Once I set the alarm, I find that when the alarm sounds, I take a few moments to reflect and write my morning thoughts down.