How To Become An Entrepreneur With No Education

This is a blog titled “How to Become an Entrepreneur With No Education.” I’m not entirely sure how to interpret this statement and I can’t say if this is true or not. It is a blog from someone who does have an education and it is the only thing in his life so far that he is completely self-taught. It’s an honest look at what it’s like to make something off your own back and how to do it well.

It’s not what I would call an easy read at all and if it sounds like I’m being all sappy then that is probably because this is the first time that I’ve ever attempted an attempt in the field of entrepreneurship without an education. This blog post doesn’t have any kind of inspirational message or anything so it is likely to give off a “just-start-up” vibe for some. However, I encourage those who are looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity to read and study. I would even say that most are well on their way if you are willing to put in the hard work and try your best.

What This Blog Is Not

This blog is not a blog where you can get advice for your business. In fact, I don’t believe it’s even a blog where you can ask questions. If you’re in a business for yourself then you should start a blog for that. Instead, there are a myriad of forums where you go to get advice for your business such as these forums. However, your business should be different than anyone else’s business and should be focused on what you can offer to the world. If you can’t even afford your own internet connection then this probably isn’t the place for you.

It’s also not for a business owner looking for a way to make extra money in the short-term by offering the best prices on their products (which I will happily do). Some would consider this a very short-term business and I believe it is. My short-term business is where I live, work, and shop. Instead, there should be a blog where I offer guidance on entrepreneurship, how to build a business, and what my future plans will be. This is not a blog for someone looking for a quick-fix and easy ways to generate extra income. Instead, there should be a blog with the potential to become a permanent part of their life as they gain more experience with the process.

One thing that I would do if I had a website like this is have a blog post that goes in to how I would do things if I were to go through the process again over and over again. It would include my mistakes as well as my successes and maybe even a timeline of what I’ve accomplished so far. Perhaps that can give a lot of insight for anyone considering starting a blog of their own.

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