How To Become Highly Respected

People often judge an image based on how good a photographer the picture was taken by, or how good a friend the picture was taken by. The reason for this is simple: it’s so easier for others to judge you than it is to judge the people in front of you.

If you follow the wrong person, or don’t look for the right time to do something, you will never know if it truly is rewarding. In the same vein, don’t wait to do some things until it “comes together.” When it comes together, make sure you’re fully prepared and can handle the tasks. If you let the world control your course, you’ll regret it later.

In other areas of life, you probably want to “be” a person that other people respect. For example in music, there are artists that get the most critical reviews of their music (notably Taylor Swift and Adele ), and other artist’s that get little to none critical praise. This means that the people who have a major impact on your career will mostly make choices based on popularity. You may look like an “easy” target for people looking to create a hit, and you may receive a great deal of criticism, but ultimately, when it comes to popularity, you’ll be the one standing up for yourself.

A Word About Self-Improvement

Self-improvement is often overlooked within the arts and crafts community. There are a few things that you can do to become a better musician, such as studying music theory and composition, practice, and writing. Learning how to write is probably the most important aspect. You need to be able to effectively communicate your ideas and work in the same genre you’re singing in, so if you’re singing country, or country western, learning how to write music in a different genre will give you a deeper understanding of your audience. Learning about instrument theory and theory-based music production is also important, as well as being able to play a wide variety of instruments.

It’s also great advice that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for advice from peers. It’ll help you grow as a musician and will improve your relationships with others. You’ll know when someone is offering their advice, and when someone is just throwing you off.

A Word about Music Distribution

As a musician, and more specifically a indie musician, the most important tool that you’re going to have is your music. You can not sell your music on your own in the same mainstream world as many of your peers and peers that have sold millions of albums.

You’ll be lucky to have anyone in your genre who even wants to hear your music before they buy it. You might even get lucky to have someone you actually like listening to your music, rather than someone who is trying to get you to buy their music just to get someone else to buy it. If you want to make a living as an independent artist, making a living as an indie musician won’t have any effect on your distribution. You can self-distribute in many ways: iTunes, Amazon MP3 Store, Bandcamp, Spotify, and so on. If you self-distribute your music, you will have the most effective distribution method available, and you’ve already got the most direct path to making a living as an artist.