How To Become The Kind Of Person Who Makes Others Happy

If you really want to be happy, think about how you are making people happy. Why? Because your actions affect other people in a way you are not even aware of. Let this book be the motivation you’ve been looking for to change your life permanently.

People who have always tried to make their family and friends happy have been doing that for a while. But the world was not always this way; it was a place of pain and strife, where life was always an ordeal for someone, so people had no interest in making it happy. But in the last two centuries people began to notice that you don’t have to be a miserable soul, you don’t have to be a troublemaker, to be happy, the thing to find is to make others happy.

And there is more to happiness than simply making people happy; one cannot be happy without giving and receiving gifts as well, but these can only be given when it was desired.

Let me say something about the way we have always felt, and we can only now change it: Life is so unfair we couldn’t give anything to our relatives even if we wanted to; it is so horrible we couldn’t want a single thing from our friends; things are too difficult we can barely endure them, and we feel that we have no purpose in life other than to survive and to work. When I was a child, and my mother gave me a penny for the first time, my first reaction was to give up on life completely, but this penny saved my life, and, more important, it saved my brother’s life. This penny was to be the springboard I needed, not just for myself, but for my family as well, as it gave everyone an opportunity to benefit from the penny and, at the same time, to improve their own lives. And that penny is what has transformed my life forever.

It doesn’t have to be this way any more. Happiness and happiness are not made of material things, like money or status, but of things that have the power to make someone smile: it is giving a nice smile as well, to someone you would rather not smile at, telling a good joke, listening to someone and loving them and listening to their problems, and of course, having wonderful conversations with whoever happens to be around you, even ones who seem to have no sense how to be friends – but having them smile anyway… This makes us happy and it brings down the average life span of people on the planet.

What is the secret for happiness? Simply having a life of happiness.

And if that sounds too hard, there is still a way to find happiness. It is simply to have more friends than your enemy…

“Happy People Make The World Better”:

The reason people are constantly criticizing and shaming us, and yet seem so happy doing it, is simply that they are unhappy themselves and this is what they want to change; in any case, if people really cared what I say here, they would do it themselves.

How to do this, I will explain in another lecture, but the basics of a happy life are simple:

1. Give your love freely, without any conditions; treat your family and friends as you would treat your own family and friends, be the person you wish them to be; take care of yourself as you would take care of anyone else, do not waste your life doing nothing, live life with the love you have for life – this is how to live a happy life. 2. Be kind to the stranger: we are not all equal; therefore, if you are to be happy you have to care more about being recognized than about being respected, even if they have the same skin color. Make it possible to meet more people from different countries and cultures and be happy doing it. 3. Stop being a person whose life is a perpetual and perpetual struggle, be an individual with no fear of anything. Be yourself 100% of the time.