How To Break Free Of The Matrix

I’ve talked about how you can free yourself from the matrix before, but some of your listeners asked if I would do it again: This time in greater detail. This is the answer.

There’s two ways to approach this situation:

On one hand, you can choose to deny your reality and hope that it all falls into place somehow. This is like walking blindly into a room full of armed guards.

On the other hand, you can see the matrix for what it is and change your behavior to support your happiness, whether you choose to accept or reject it.

I’ll cover both methods. First, you can simply deny it — even when your loved one repeatedly insists that they are “out of it.”

Next question: Can you choose to choose to choose?

How would you deal with being told that you’re going insane? Would you deny it? Accept it?

Now, I think a good place to break free from the matrix is to break free of the mental constructs holding it together. The best way to do in this situation is to see things for what they are and to accept them, and to do so on a daily basis, not just during moments of crisis or crisis-induced bliss. I think there’s a lot of evidence for this. Here are three examples of how we can do this:

1. We can do the following:

This article is about how to accept your reality.

Don’t give it a second thought. Don’t listen to your thoughts about it, don’t read articles or listen to lectures on it.

That’s the first step. Now, you can start by using logic to find logical reasons to reject your reality. The next time you’re feeling happy about a situation, find a logical reason why you shouldn’t be.

Here are a few of my favorite reasons to reject your reality that I have written out in notes:

Loss of sense of purpose in life Losing sense of value In the world of technology A constant stream of distractions It’s “too bad” it always sucks I’m too old To live in a box that won’t allow me to be who I really am. How I am isn’t working in the 21st century It’s too hard Being told I’ve got no idea how to live my life To accept myself and live my life The fact of it all Is all I have to prove It’s too hard Being told I’m not good enough To be able to be who I really am. The fact of it all Doesn’t matter That I have my own ideas

You can come back from the “reality test” by realizing you’re missing out on many opportunities for joy You are able to focus on more than just yourself Your life can be more enjoyable, both personally and in terms of your relationships

Let me know if you have any questions.

2. You can do the second approach:

“What is your reality?”

What is your reality? You decide. If your reality is you having an anxiety attack, then there’s nothing you can do to change that. You can go to therapy, eat some meds, or just get a job. You have to accept that reality. You can’t change it.

So how do you create a reality where you feel good about it?

Step One: Identify your reality

“What is your reality?” The question you ask yourself is critical to breaking free from the matrix. You have to identify what you see as your reality. Here are some examples:

What are your feelings and emotions towards your love life Liking or disliking your partner

This is just one step. Now, the question you ask yourself is going to be specific in terms of what it is that leads you to feel what you do. For example, you could say, “I feel sad when I go into my car to drive.” This is a specific example and the question you are asking yourself is “what hurts when I drive to drive home.” Now, your first question is going to be different than the question you ask yourself if you’re trying to break away from negative behaviors like drinking and smoking. Your answer to “I feel sad when I go through my car” will be “I’m unhappy with my job, I’ve fallen off of meds, I’m sad because of my work, and I feel sad whenever I drive to drive to go to work.” These are all different questions.

This isn’t a full reality check because it’s more focused on the particular issue causing your sadness.