How To Build A Fire With A Campfire Cookstock

A handy project for any campfire enthusiast on the go.

A campfire cookstock is a sturdy container for your campfire fuel, whether it’s wood from your tree house, sticks or dry dog food . . . you ‪can‪use it to feed your fire, or put a nice thick layer of wood or charcoal on the ground to create a nice smoky fire. I hope you enjoy the step-by-step tutorial.

We went right down to the wood chopping and it worked well!

How To Build A Campfire Cookstock (Step-By-Step)

First: Make sure you have a good supply of wood and fuel and a fire pit or fireplace to feed it. A cheap campfire pit will do, but you can also use your yard for fuel. I used an old log in my yard, with a few branches left over because I wanted a smoky firepit anyway.

Then we set up our fire for the morning.

This is a big piece of wood, so I used a fire grate to hold it. If you have a large hole to dump the wood in to get it heated, do it. If not, a stove or even a stove top works well for this. I had to use my hands at first, but once my hands got used to it , it was easy.

Once you have lit the fire and everything is on fire and running, it’s time to move the cooked material to the cooker.

This is the fuel container I use now. It contains many of your ingredients and is great at keeping them at the right temp for your cooker. You can use a few different containers for this. You can use a big metal bowl, a small wooden basket with your ingredients and it will work perfectly:

For this cookstock I used some chicken, some bacon bits and some veggies. If you use a bigger container, it will make it easier to dump the fire out.

For this you will need to buy a bag. I used this one:

Once they go into the pot, just place the bag in the middle of the pot and cover the top and bottom holes with food safe foil.

It’s very important to have a clear bag, so if anything catches fire it can be seen clearly, and not caught in your meat. Here is a couple in the pot (one is actually on the stove, not used to fire):

You can also make this container using a cooler cup or even another container if you don�t want  to mess with the foil. Just be sure the bag fits snugly in the bottom of the pot.

It’s really cool to watch the fire burn and hear the sizzling noises, and it does produce a nice bit of smoke. Also be sure to watch it closely, as even a small fire can start a big one.

Once the fire is burning well, dump the fire in the pot and cover with your container. Keep the container full and dump anything else you can use in the pot so the entire thing can be full of food.

This part of the recipe is pretty simple and straightforward, but I do highly recommend making a fire pit or a grate. If you don’t have one or don’t have a small wood or charcoal fire, you will lose a lot of smoke and you don�t want to burn all your coals. This is a big pot so it needs to have at least 4 pieces to feed the fire.  You can even use bigger pots if you want, just make sure you have a large enough container to make it work.