How To Build Positive Body Image

Body image is important. I don’t mean physical body image so much as it is feeling your physical self is what you wish others saw. Don’t be ashamed of your body. Accept that others’ bodies differ from yours. Let others know how they are different and feel great at it. I’m a physical fat person and I find it really difficult to find the right words to describe how I feel about my size. It’s hard to explain and it’s hard to express. Body image isn’t about you — it’s about the people you choose to show it to.

Here is my story. During my teen years, I was bullied by other kids and I developed a healthy eating disorder because I felt that if I didn’t eat, I would have to take drugs that would cause me to gain weight and eventually get a large number of doctor visits because my illness and health problems would make weight gain inevitable. Because of the weight issues, I eventually gained about 250 pounds because I couldn’t lose it all from starving. Eventually, I stopped going to the gym because it didn’t make me feel good about my body. I thought that it was OK because I “wasn’t fat” anymore. I’m a college student now with excellent grades and a good chance in my college application to get into a good college. I’m not fat. I’m just a big person who’s been successful despite the fact that I didn’t want to be. This book is about how I recovered my self-esteem and confidence by doing a body acceptance approach. It’s about how to learn to let others see that I’m a healthy young person with a good self who is comfortable in my body. It’s about how I learned to love who I was: beautiful, smart, fit — in my body, but with a heart so big and a brain so smart that I can see the world through its lens. I don’t feel like I have to be a beautiful woman any more. I don’t feel fat.

To the person who took my money …I’m glad that you read my blog and decided to purchase this book. I read your review and wanted to thank you. It really lifted my spirits a lot. You told me your husband loved my blog. I know that he really enjoyed reading this book. Because of you, I feel confident. Thank you so very much!

To my fellow fat people, please let this book be something that sparks your passion and inspiration and brings you that little bit of life that you really need. I know that we all have that one person or another who reads it and thinks, “Wow, this is a great book!” I am also glad that you have chosen to follow my personal journey into embracing my fat body. Because of you, I know I will be able to live life to my fullest without being judged or hated for my body. I have an obligation to write this book because I know that some of you may be struggling like I was in the past. So please, read this book and find the strength that exists inside of you to not only be strong, but also to show some love and acceptance of the body that you have. I look forward to sharing my journey and finding strength in acceptance. If my book can help any one of you to become a happy and healthy fat person, then I feel confident that I’ve done my job as a writer. Thank you for reading this book.

All-in all, there is nothing better that I can recommend than to read this book. It will help you to develop positive body image. And if you really want to learn how to be happy and healthy about your size, I would urge you to read it. After all, body image is NOT about you. You don’t have to wear a size zero shirt or think that you are less amazing because you aren’t thin. Body size is simply a matter of what makes you comfortable and is healthy. There is nothing wrong with you and I know there is nothing wrong with your size or your body. Just make the most of it.