How To Build Your Mental Game In 12 Short Steps

The mental game is hard. Learning to recognize our strengths and abilities has been one of the greatest challenges to overcome in my life. It is the biggest contributor to happiness. In this article, I’ll give you a step-by-step approach to build a healthy mental game.

You may be wondering how my approach to building a healthy mental game applies to you, specifically your mental game. Well, here goes!

1. Get Your Goals Right . The first key that I want to teach you is to get your goals right. If you feel stuck, you are not alone. For some reason, we all have an idea of what our goals should be. The problem is that we don’t always go about it the same way. If you have a certain goal in mind, think about what you want to achieve.

My goal is to write a bestseller.

Here are two things I need to accomplish that will achieve this goal. My blog needs to rank in the top ten on Google for my chosen product (in this case, my book).

My blog needs to make money.

The fact that my personal blog is ranking number one on Google for my chosen product is pretty cool. I don’t think I could ever have achieved any of the things I want to achieve as a result of being successful on my blog. The fact that I am successful on my blog, however, does not justify my success as a blogger. I am successful as a blogger because I have found a system that works for me. I don’t need to be perfect, but I do need to be honest and direct. I need to define my goals and be specific about what my methods will bring about.

2. Focus on the process .

So far, I’ve been talking about the mental aspects of building a healthy mental game. Let’s dive a little deeper into the emotional aspects.

What is your goal? Focus on making it happen. You have to be the one that creates the path for your goals to take.

So much of me wants to quit my job to become a writer. I have to keep myself focused on making this goal a reality because if I quit, who will motivate me? If I focus on moving to New York, I’ll miss a lot of my friends, and my job will be meaningless to me.

The next step in reaching my goals is to focus on becoming a great writer. But how do I do that? How do I create a system that will take me there? How do I decide what to write about? What types of topics will motivate me to become a better writer? And how do I write a great article?

The simple answer: I need to read the articles that interest me. The key to writing an article is to make myself a reader. I have to read a lot of articles to help create depth. I need to have a specific focus during the process. I need to create an emotional attachment to what I’m reading so that it won’t just fly by me. Once I write an article, I have to go out and promote it.

3. Know Your Limits . There is always something that you can learn about yourself if you just know your limits. You can become better at what you do, but it will always be at the level that you are willing to work your hardest.

I would like to know how to become a better chef, but I can’t be that hard on myself. I’ve been cooking since I was ten years old. My family loved it. I have to make it to the end of the article to tell you exactly how I achieved this level of success. I needed the support of my family to take the leap. To get there, I had to do what so many people can’t–I made myself a professional chef. I had to practice for 8 years, learn the ins and outs of the kitchen, gain experience with my own employees, and make a lifestyle change. I went over my limits to get where I am. I knew that if I went over my limits that it would have to be a big change. The important thing is to know which limits you are willing to go over.

You know that you can learn anything if you learn to look at it from a different perspective.

What I learned is the ability to accept criticism. To take it in stride and learn from it. The greatest gift I ever got from a critical friend was the gift to make myself read the book. And by doing that, I am able to read my own weaknesses and how I could improve. I learn by taking criticism that I can grow, and so I am better as a writer.

A person that doesn’t know their limits is never going to be able to achieve their goals.

4. Know Your Limits .