How To Build Your Own Home Gym In 5 Simple Steps

It’s easier than you think to build and operate your own home gym . I’ve made the process a little bit more fun. This is one of the easier home gym projects I’ve made. In the end you will find that you feel a huge amount more confident and that you are empowered to make healthy choices in your own life. I hope you have as much fun and enjoy the journey as I did.

The process of building the home gym is really not that difficult . The hardest part was designing the wall-to-wall, high-power equipment. Then figuring out how to place it so that the pieces fit. And the hardest part was building the equipment. I’ll tell you a little bit about the build process of the wall-to-wall trainer as well as how to actually take the wall-to-wall trainer to your own home .

The Equipment

This is the basic home gym equipment. You will need a 2″ to 3″ long piece of tubing that you can drill holes in. You can use standard PVC pipe or you can use any other piece of tubing that is long enough to reach the holes in your wall studs. You also need a pair of pliers. You will cut all of the tubing after you install your equipment and then you can cut all of the ends .

I used several pieces of this tubing that I found at Home Depot, The Home Depot, and most likely any hardware store in the area . You can use a 3″ tube just like this one shown here. This tubing I bought at Home Depot has 2 holes drilled every 2″. You will want to drill the following holes at each location you place your equipment so that all the tubing fits snugly:

1/2 inch and 3/4 inch from each corner stud

1/4 inch from each edge of any corner stud

1 inch up from at least a center joist

This is the inside of the box that you will place your new equipment in.

Next you will need to drill holes in each piece of tubing, one above each other .

Place your wall studs into the PVC pipe . Once you have done that you will put the whole thing on the floor.

You can measure and mark each piece of tubing you bought. Each tubing will be marked for you.

You’ll also need to drill holes in all the pieces of tubing using these pieces of tubing. You do not need to drill all 24 holes, but you do want to put 24 holes in all of the tubing .

This is a picture of both of the legs made using both pieces of tubing. They are about the same width .

You will now add these new pieces of tubing to the existing wall-to-wall tubing. Use the one piece of tubing that you marked in step one.

Then take out the two pieces of the existing wall-to-wall tubing you cut above, put them into the new wall-to-wall tubing, and then you will cut the top piece of tubing in half to create a second half.

Take out the two pieces of original wall-to-wall tubing you cut above, and put them into the new wall-to-wall tubing.

Now you will take out the three pieces of the old wall-to-wall tubing that you only marked earlier. The first two pieces have holes drilled, but you do not need to drill these holes. You will just place this piece somewhere you will not need it. The other two pieces you do need to drill.

Cut that first piece of existing wall-to-wall tubing, and use it in the next section of wall-to-wall tubing.

Once you have done that with all three pieces of wall-to-wall tubing , you can now take out all of the old wall-to-wall tubing . In this case you will only have two walls-to-wall tubing left. You will remove all the old pieces of tubing you cut and store them away.