How To Change Your Life Forever

I find it hard to accept that my life will never have a perfect conclusion, and I cannot help but feel like I will be waiting a long time for the perfect event in my life. The only way I can avoid this perpetual state of dissatisfaction is to embrace the moment. Accept that your life will be imperfect, yet beautiful. When you recognize that fact, you will feel more complete when your troubles are no longer your own.

When we spend so much time trying to improve, we are really trying to change our lives. It’s that simple. All of us who have lived our lives with determination, have finally reached the point where we really must try, to make a big change that’s worth the effort. I believe in life as ephemeral. What is lasting is the work you do, in a world of fast moving events. It may not always be perfectly clear exactly what we are truly trying to accomplish, but it is worth our effort.

What if life was a song that went through three stages? The first stage is the stage of complete, total, and total exhaustion. We’re completely exhausted because we are trying so hard. Our motivation is gone, our energy is depleted, and even our will has started to wane. This is the stage where people start asking me what I’m doing wrong. They expect me to be the best I can possibly be and that I must just keep plugging away.  

As my second stage, I start hearing the voice of self-doubt. When life isn’t as perfect as you expect it to be, you get the self-doubt, and fear attacks are born. Sometimes this is just another thing someone says to convince you that you aren’t ready for anything. Other times, it can take an actual physical attack on your character to force you into a realization. If I had to point at one example, it would probably be that time I thought about the fact that I spent too long in college, and was embarrassed that I hadn’t gone to grad school instead. I actually had that attack, and it was very difficult to cope with. But it is the fact that I had that “measured” and “planned” goal, even if it wasn’t realized like I had hoped it would, that helped me realize that a career as a DJ is just as viable as it looks.   This is not where the majority of people fall into stage 3 though. I think in most cases, this is at the third stage.

Where many people start stage 3 is when they are confronted by an experience that makes them question if they made the right choice. That doesn’t mean they haven’t made a choice. This is where the “choice” becomes a choice to change. Now here lies a challenge of life. Most people want to change things, right? And if you look at the options for success, there really aren’t many options. There is going to be success, there is going to be disappointment, but there is really not any other options. We are not born with any innate ability to make our life a success. It is often that in the midst of trying to change yourself, the events around you become so overwhelming you decide that just isn’t possible anymore, and that you are just going to go home.

It is also at this point that many people turn towards drugs and alcohol. But as we all know, that doesn’t work for everyone. But one thing we can all agree on, is that those are the ones that make the most money.

The thing is, we are given a chance at something that most of us consider our birthright: a life of happiness, success, and fulfillment. But we are not. We have the opportunity to decide for ourselves what we want, and what we actually mean when we say things like “life is like a music video”. We know how many times we have made that promise, and then have let that promise cloud our judgment. We’ve been told to “Go for it”. We’ve heard “you couldn’t ask for a better gift of life”, and all the other meaningless promises that life has to offer.