How To Clean A Bong Without A Bang

Sooner rather than later, you’ll probably start smoking your first bong. Check out these tips and tricks.

For 20 years, Bruce Lubin and his wife Jeanne have been collecting tips and hints to save time, money, and make everyday tasks easier. Their book “Who Knew?”by TeleBrands includes thousands of money-saving secrets for cooking, cleaning, and all around your home. We are republishing a fabulous cleaning tip from the book on how to clean a bong.

To make this bong really clean is pretty easy. First, it is important to clean the outside of the pipe; you can use a glass cleaner or something similar. It is important to clean the interior of the pipe as well, but that can be easily done with a bit of water and a cotton bud. Next, you’ll need a cotton ball, a paper towel, or newspaper and a cup. Place the pipe bowl and your piece of paper towel on top, like this. The cotton ball should be a bit bigger than the bowl. Fill the pipe’s mouth with water, and then squeeze the water out of the cup. Squeeze the cotton ball all the way into the bowl, and then, hold the cotton ball in position, or place it against the pipe bowl just slightly overlapping the outside edge of the bowl. After that, simply let the pipe sit for a few hours, turning it occasionally. You can do this while it is still in the bowl, or place it into a jar (for example with a lid).

When you finish cleaning your bong, you can easily clean out a glass of water. To clean out the pipe, fill a bowl of water with water. Fill the bowl so it’s the same size as the water, so that the water is about 1/2″, about 2″ from the upper edge of the bowl where the mouthpiece of the pipe is. You can use a toothbrush, or just dip a cotton ball into the water.

As a final step, put a few drops of water in the bowl to make the water come out of the pipe. Leave this for a few hours and then you can wash out your pipe with a glass of water. Or, you can just let the water sit overnight. A lot of folks swear that cleaning the bong by putting the water in will make the water come out as well. Check out this link for more information. If you still have any questions or just want more information or any other tips on how to clean your bong, send an email to . Thanks so much for your time and attention. Here are tips that helped Bruce and Jeanne:          To make a hole in the lid of the pipe just slightly larger than the mouthpiece, place a paper towel (or cotton bud) on top of the pipe bowl then fill with soapy water, and squeeze it gently in. Hold the paper tightly but without squeezing it too tight then place the mouthpiece in the hole, making sure that the joint is square and the lips of the pipe are resting on top of the paper. Squeezing the paper gently in like this, takes a bit of practice and experience, because the paper does not want to come all the way out. Keep squeezing gently until the paper comes over the lips just a bit. This technique can also be used to fix a loose joint, such as a joint you bought at an illegal dispensary – just place the bowl on the pipe and squish as before.         Another way to get a hole to the pipe is to use a small piece of metal tubing (you can get them at fabric stores or on eBay).