How To Clean A Bottle Opener Before You Throw It Out

Before you toss that old bottle opener in the trash, we feel you need to wash and dry it before replacing it.

You can get two different things from opening an old bottle of soda. You get a nice little surprise or even a surprise of your own but you also put something else in the bottle. In this case you get a bottle opener, so what do you do? Wash and dry your bottle opener and toss it in a corner of the kitchen sink. How embarrassing would that be!? Oh… I think you already know where this is going. We are republishing a tip from Helium on how to clean a bottle opener in before you toss it in the trash.

A clean bottle opener is the difference between a good surprise and one of those awkward little surprises that seem to always be in your fridge when you least expect it. A better bottle opener is easier to drink from more easily and requires less upkeep to maintain.

Before You Throw That Bottle Opener In The Dump, Wash It

While a nice old bottle opener might taste nice it is just a few seconds of work to clean and dry it out before it is thrown away so you should treat it as you would any other tool you need to maintain cleanliness like your dishwasher or vacuum cleaner.

The best way to get your bottle openers cleaned, especially old ones, is to do them yourself using a simple mixture of baking soda, soap, and water.

The water should already be hot so the baking soda has time to dissolve into the water. You can use a spray bottle, dishwasher spray or even a hair dryer when needed, just make sure not to use hot water because of how easy your water heating system can be to overheat because you left your water heater on.

As you are pouring the mixture in you will notice your bottle opener is getting hot! It’s ok, this is the part where you start getting embarrassed, don’t be! The heating process will take the water from being a cool (even) solution to a hot (or very hot) one faster than you think it would and this is how soda gets so much carbonation from the soda itself. You get to do this step every time and it seems to require little to no cleanliness, especially if you were doing several of these every week.

Once you have the bottle opener and all the ingredients ready pour the warm water into it. You should use all of the water without any residue on the bottle opener or the bottom of it. If the mixture comes out of the bottle and there is any residual water on the bottle opener just rub it off, it will be ok. If it continues to leave residue it will need a cleaning.

Just don’t leave hot water on. You can use the bottle opener for another few minutes once the water has cooled then pour it all out into a clean bucket. Put the bottle opener in a plastic bag or something and set to dry. You should have at least six to eight hours of drying time without the water coming out to be really safe until your bottle opener has dried completely. Then go through a quick cleaning process to remove any remaining salt and other impurities you might still have left in it.

Just don’t leave it in the dryer. That is probably the single most difficult step in this whole process and is why I don’t recommend this one to most people. To dry your bottle openers use a hair dryer turned on a low heat setting. This will allow dry heat to spread throughout the contents of the bottle opener so it is easier to clean.

It is best to use a large flat glass like a mason jar or glass jar lid. You can even use a ceramic cup that is used to hold other glass jars to serve as a lid. Just make sure you get a flat lid that can be taken off without any damage.