How To Clean A Car Paintbrush With Bleach

A video tutorial on what to do after use; includes bleach for cleaning brushes from dirt and oil.

How To Clean A Car Paintbrush With Bleach A video on how to remove paintbrushes from the air…in just a matter of seconds. With this little tip you can remove paintbrushes from air pollution problems in cars and make your air even easier to breathe. Here they show how to completely clean, dry and wipe car paintbrushes.

How To Clean a Car Paintbrush With Bleach Video shows just how easy a little bleach is to make using one bottle and a few tubes of liquid…and they show you how to do it in no time.

What You Will Be Doing When you Learn How To Clean a Car Paintbrush

First, the brush in the video is the big purple one on the right…it’s easy to get. Secondly, your paintbrush and the bleach will be in water in your washing machine. The bleach and water will react when you soak the brush in the bleach and water for some time (15 minutes is a good length of time).

What You Will Need This is a good time to bring a gallon bucket filled with water to the sink. One of the big problems with cleaning your paintbrush, is that it is usually not a big problem in real life to get all the paint off. This may happen in videos on paint brushes, but it happens in all cleaning processes that take time, and when you are cleaning a brush every second counts. If what you will be doing looks like it could take a long time, then you have not learned enough about your brush. But if you have some experience, you will be able to get the big brush off on your first try.

A good way to start is to use all the bleach and water and scrub the brush in that bucket of water a few times. This will help to get the paintbrush looking clean.

Do not use your brush in any dishwashing liquid with bleach or anything else that is going to give it a hard time.

What You Do Need To Do Your first step is to remove any dirt or oil from the brush.

Wash the brush under cold water and soap.

After the bristles are clean, place it on the counter and rub it with your fingers for a while to remove any excess grease on the bristles. There is no need to use a brush cleaner or any other scrubbing solution; just a little water, a little salt and your fingers.

The more your brush is scrubbed, the smoother as paint will be off the bristles.

Sprinkle salt on your brush and leave it in the sink or anywhere else you can find the salt to remove the grease.

Now, put the salt in with the brush and leave it in the sink for an hour, and then take the brush out and scrub it with the salt.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied. Repeat this process of cleaning the brush on a dry bristle or a bristle soaked in water with and without the salt a few times and you can go over your brush with just salt. You may not have to soak the brush in water for a long time, but I would not recommend washing your brush in water unless your brush has oil or grease on it (it should have none).

What You Do Not Need Your bleach does not need to be scrubbed or scrubbed to look clean. It can be completely wiped clean with the sink, and if you are not ready to finish that process, just use the cleaner.

After using the bleach you will want to wipe your brush again on the bristle with just salt water.