How To Clean A Cauldron

Every time I hear about someone “trashcanning” their kitchen or living room, I find it amusing.

When a cauldron is used and there’s a bunch of things that need to be rinsed out, they need to be taken out with care. That’s a lot easier to do without a large amount of water, but unfortunately not all cauldrons are water safe: You could be adding vinegar, soap, grease, grime or just whatever you have in your house to the cooking pot. This is especially a problem for people who use a cauldron for a number of different things, since most will have a pot and lid that are separate.

The first problem is that the pot, used for cooking, isn’t always the only thing in the room:

This is a kitchen sink. What’s behind the sink?

The kitchen sink is also a pot, of course, and the pots are all placed in parallel to the sink for a good reason. When you have a pot and a spoon in the same place, it makes cleaning much easier. You don’t have to remove the pot first, or have to wiggle the spoon out of the pot: If it is separated from the pot and sink it’s easy enough to see. 

If things aren’t being rinsed out it’s easy to separate the pot into two parts if you’re using a sink:

This is a big pot and a big sink. What’s there to see?

Now the water is starting to seep out and if you were to open the lid you would get a good look at everything in the kitchen:

In this picture you can see, with a little care, that almost everything but the big dish has been cleaned. What’s left is a mess, but you’re looking at something that will probably look much nicer by Friday. Cleaner cauldrons are much nicer.

Cauldrons That You Can Have Everything in

In a kitchen that is not yours (like a shared one where you’re trying to get through a tight, boring, sticky week at work or you’re at the end of a 3 week trip and you don’t want to have to go to the bathroom, but you really need to eat and shower), sometimes the best answer to a messy cauldron is the simplest and most common. The cauldron that is in the bathroom:

Some folks just don’t want to use a dirty cauldron. There are some cauldrons that have handles so that you can easily move them, like the one below:

I prefer to have a simple cauldron that you can set any food directly on. This one, with the handles attached, will hold your dirty socks:

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog.  We’ll be having the next one in a week or so, so if you have a favourite cauldron or kitchen utensils that you want reviewed I’d love to hear from you.