How To Clean A Potted Plant With Water

Potted plants are one of our most beloved items. With so much care put into them, we should definitely be cleaning as much of them as possible. What the science says is that you really don’t have to use chemicals to keep them looking good.

Potted plants are one of our most beloved items. With so much care put into them, we should definitely be cleaning as much of them as possible. We are all in favor of getting the most used out of every available space in our homes. This means that if we can eliminate some of the things in the home that are less than ideal, it will make the home more enjoyable for us, as well as our loved ones.

Watering is one of those things in the home that can make some homeowners cringe, and for good reason. Water tends to make things worse. If it doesn’t dry, it is like using a sponge! This brings us to the next question that we must answer.

How do we clean our water? The answer, that we have all been waiting for for quite some time, is plain old soap and water. While this sounds simple enough, I have to say that most people still don’t wash their water. So you see, we are all about getting the most out of every resource in the house, so let’s get our hands on a can of dish soap, a spray bottle, and a sink!

I’m a very messy and wet sort of person. That’s why I have an extra spray bottle tucked away in a corner of the kitchen. Here is my spray bottle. It doesn’t use much, and is cheap. This spray bottle also works great on a hot water faucet. If you have to run water, it uses less water and you get nice clean water for your sink! I have also been known to use this as a hand soap to clean my clothes. You use the water sprayer to spray your clothes clean in your hands. Use soap to rinse, and you are a clean person!

You can see how simple this is. Wash dirty clothes, rinse on the water sprayer, wash yourself clean, and don’t rinse before you dry.

Some people just won’t make the move to make bathing simpler or simpler. This is where the soap and water will come in handy. Using soap to wash in water will help get those dirty little splatters off your clothes. If you are worried that soap will leave behind soap scum, rinse and shake out the water before washing. I have had this problem, but it is not as bad as it sounds. The only way soap scum will show up is if you have a lot of fabric in contact with the water. This will make a huge mess. A simple sponge will not scratch fabric, and does not leave soap scum on your clothes.

The next part will probably make your kids want to drink some water, and some people may find soap scum to be a good thing.

Sometime, we have all run out of cleaning supplies and water. This is where having a sink that is about three times bigger than you think you will need is your next best thing, or so I’m told. This is how I clean my sink: Just fill that large sink with hot running water. My sink is very large (which is one of the reasons I love to cook, because it’s easy to share). When water comes in the hot shower door, you do not have to take a step aside and wait. Just pour that cold water out into the sink. I have gotten really good at using an ice cube tray for this. A good, simple trick is to put the small ice cubes in a bowl, and then place the lid of the bowl on the sink, and just let them freeze.