How To Clean A Vacuum Cleaner

It’s an investment! And one that needs to be paid back someday with some savings on our laundry bills.

The best way to get the dirt off a vacuum cleaner is to do away with it altogether by cleaning it in a special way. If you’re interested in cleaning your vacuum, we’ve got a tutorial for you. We’ll show you how to clean your vacuum clean for dirt and grime.

Here it goes…

How To Clean Your Vacuum Cleaner : Part 2

To really clean a vacuum cleaner that’s full of dirt and grime, you’re going to need your vacuum cleaner’s brush, a soft cloth and a vacuum cleaner brush cleaning kit.

Here are the tools you’ll need…

1. Your Vacuum Cleaner Brush

As I mentioned, the main problem with mop up after vacuuming is that dust and debris is stuck to your brushes. The more dirt and grime you have on your brushes, the more dirt, grime and dust will be trapped on your vacuum cleaner.

I like to use the Vacuum Cleaner Brush Cleaner from a vacuum cleaner kit. You can buy this cleaner for a good price at Amazon .

You’ll need about 6 oz (170 ml) of shampoo in a spray bottle.

2. Your Soft Brush For Vacuuming Dirt

If you live in dry areas, your best option is probably a soft bristle toothbrush. Unfortunately, vacuum cleaners for the apartment complex with the “all white” paint don’t come with a wide variety of bristles. So, I bought two cheap dental bristle brushes from Wal-mart that I plan to use next time I vacuum.

The same thing could be done with a standard toothbrush, but why would you?

3. A Vacuum Cleaner Brush Cleaner

This brush cleaner is made for working with brushes made of porous materials.

It’ll do the job much, much better.

You’ll need to buy this product from Amazon.

4. A Vacuum cleaner brush cleaning kit

This kit will be filled with everything you’ll need to clean and care for your vacuum cleaner.

And, to show you just how big of a deal this is, I’ve attached a picture of the complete Vacuum cleaner brush clean kit.

Here’s the complete list of everything you’ll need…

A Vacuum Cleaner Brush Cleaner

A Cleaning Gel (to use with your vacuuming brush or toothbrush)

A Soft Brush (to Use When Using a Vacuum Cleaner Brush Cleaner)

A Cleaning Gel (to use with your vacuuming brush or toothbrush)

A Cleaning Cloths (to use with the Vacuum cleaner Brush Cleaner)

A Small Tupperware Jar (To store the cleaning gel)

What you have to do – Clean the entire brush cleaning kit

This is the big day, isn’t it?

We’re going to clean your vacuum cleaner for dirt to make it look and feel like brand new again. And you’ll be able to save hundreds on your laundry bills as it cleans and soaks up all that grime.

But how?

Here’s how…

Step 1 : Remove your brush. This one’s easy!

There’s really only one option for vacuuming dirt and grime away from your brushes. You should be able to do this yourself with just a few steps.

First, place a clean rag inside the back of your vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one already, buy one at Wal-mart or Amazon.