How To Clean All Your Clothes Together

One quick wash and dry will give you a whole new look…

One quick wash and dry will give you a whole new look. But, if things are dusty on that front, let’s get out some dry cleaning cloths and get everything nice and clean again. While it’s not an exact science, you can usually spot stains like white jeans or black T-shirts from a good, old-fashioned cloth cleaning. Just make sure to remove everything that you can and rinse thoroughly before putting your dirty items back where you found them.

Once the clothes are cleaned and dry, it’s time to look at the rest of them. Make sure that everything that you’ve cleaned is clean, too. If you have washed the bedding in an alkaline or vinegar solution, you need to rinse it out as well. You can also run some dry shampoo in the shower to neutralize the laundry and clean all the surfaces.

And, of course, you need to be mindful of what’s going on in your home. When you’re not washing your clothes, check your windows and doors, especially while it’s still damp outside. Make sure that they’re clean and airtight before closing them. Use your laundry detergent for your washing and drying loads.

Wash all the towels and linens. Make sure you wash and dry every towel or sheet as well. The drying process helps eliminate any grime or soap scum that may have accumulated on it. This makes washing your towels and linens even smoother and more convenient. And, of course, wash and dry any curtains as well. Again, this will help to eliminate stains on those items if they were dirty before your washing process!

Next, it’s time for the wash and dry cycle of your clothes. If you need even more motivation to start washing your clothes, read about how great this will make your laundry routine. The point is, it will save you lots of time and trouble if you start to take care of your clothes properly. You will want to set your clothes out for the dryer when they’ve dried. Do that as soon as possible, since it takes several hours to dry all the laundry in a well-ventilated room. It is also important to dry them immediately; otherwise your clothes can become damp and your towels and linens will not dry properly.

After they’ve been dry, it’s time for them to be put away! While this process may not seem like much of a chore, take extra time to make sure everything has been put away and clean. This is especially important on a hot day. If anything is still slightly wet, or dirty, even after the dryer has run, it’s always good to be prepared for just such a occasion.