How To Clean All Your Shoes On One Hand

There are many different ways to clean shoes, but all the ways I’ve seen were awful. I use one of these methods that is less expensive and is much better, and is much cheaper too, it just makes my life easier.

There are many different ways to clean a pair of shoes. Some use mitts while others use a cotton ball. Some require you to do some additional steps to get the job done. All of them leave your shoes looking shabby. My method uses an old, wooden mallet with four large spikes which I then use one hand to sweep the leather from the shoe as if I’ve been brushing my teeth. I used this method for the first time three days ago and it works better than I’d thought it would. This method is also less expensive than mitts. And it just might clean that “dirt” off too.

In this method I start at the inside of each shoe and sweep all over the shoe, with the wooden mallet. First up is the big toe. I just hold the mallet in one hand and slowly sweep with my foot. It sounds weird and strange but it really does work. The more you sweep, the faster the shoe turns out so keep going. I would not want to use a mitt and I would not want to leave the shoe to stand for more than 10 minutes. I just sweep for 15 minutes, wash the shoes in cold water and re-sweep. This process will take about 1 hour if you are just sweeping the big toe, but if I’m just sweeping the whole inside of the shoe at the same time, I’ll do it in about 1.5-2 hours. Once you get used to it you won’t have to do a lot of this, but will save a lot of time and have much better shoes. But you still have to hold down the mallet and sweep.

What’s the big deal? Well, if you’ve ever seen how your shoes look after you’ve been wearing them your whole life. They are like, so much dirt. And all the time it gets into every little corner of your shoes and your skin can go numb. That’s not pleasant to contemplate. After I’ve finished, I take all the dirt and muck off the shoes. I do this every day, so I’ll clean my shoes everyday.

If you’ve ever purchased new shoes or socks you will find that they look like crap after about a week. After a week of this, you get the hang of it and this method removes most of the dirt from your shoes. It is much cheaper than buying new shoes or new socks. I would recommend the method to anyone and everyone who tries a different way to clean shoe soles. If you’re at all unsure of how to clean your shoes, you can get them cleaned up with a small can of TBS (a petroleum distilate used to remove gunk from oil-based paints); about 3% is fine to use. You just need some paper towels and a clean cloth and the TBS works surprisingly well.

A lot has happened to me since I first became interested in how to clean shoes. I have gotten married. We moved. I got a job. I have to learn to cook again. I have been to jail. I have to start selling drugs again. I have my own house… so my shoes will still be clean. But that is a whole different story, I am hoping to find it soon.

There are lots of ways to clean a pair of shoes if you don’t have a mallet. If you used a mitt on it, you may have to wash it off first. You can use an old newspaper like you would a blanket on a hot summer day.

Many people have their own ways of cleaning shoes. Many just wash their shoes with a sponge, a little soap and a bucket.