How To Clean An Old Fridge With A Good Spray Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaner can be bought at most hardware stores, or you can order it online to save money.

However, don’t be tempted to get it from a supermarket; the cleaner might be labeled “for home or office use only.” Before using the cleaner, take a look at the instructions. Some cleaning instructions require you to clean your vehicle (or your car), while the others simply describe how to “spray carpet and furniture with carpet cleaning liquid.”

I would highly recommend a professional car-wash for an “exterior cleaning.” When an interior cleaner can’t help, you should consider a professional.

Step #3) Cleaning Tools

All home-goods stores also have cleaning supplies, but they’re not the same as a professional quality cleaner.

The quality of the cleaning supply is measured by how well it cleans: with a hard, even wipe; or with a smooth, lint-free motion.

To determine the effectiveness of your carpet cleaner’s product, make sure that the product is labeled for carpet or some other type of smooth, non-siliceous surface — and that the product isn’t intended for use with carpets. A lint-free wipe is the easiest. It can help you to ensure a perfect wash after a heavy rain, in the case that you need to remove water stains from your carpet.

You don’t have to be a professional to use cleaning supplies that are labeled for use in homes or offices. Most of the products are effective, even if they’re not labeled specifically for use on carpet.

Step #4) Use The Product

Before using the cleaner in the future, inspect the floor to make sure that the cleaner is actually rinsing to its full strength. You don’t want the cleaner to dry out while you put on the new flooring or remove dried-out spots, because that will cause the cleaning product to stop working properly. Just as you’ve cleaned the bathroom and closet with your carpet cleaner, you can now clean the entire house and car with a professional-grade carpet cleaner.

Step #5) Avoid Pungent Odors

The carpet cleaner will dry the floor, but the odor from the cleaner may linger in the house until you are ready to remove it. There are a couple ways to avoid odors.

First, the cleaner is designed to remove carpet dirt, so the odor shouldn’t linger. Second, you’ll want to store the cleaned area with the rest of your dirty clothing. To prevent the odor from lingering in your house and garage during travel, you’re going to need to rinse the carpet cleaner out thoroughly.

Step #6) Make An Outcome Statement To Help Protect The Product From Legal Action

If you plan to reuse the cleaner, ensure that you put an outcome statement on the cleaning supplies box that says you’re not responsible if the cleaner causes damage or spills from the product. This will help protect you from liability.

A professional that does cleaning and restoration in a store usually doesn’t need to put an outcome statement on the cleaning supplies box. However, if you’re planning to put the cleaner in an enclosed space, make sure that you put some type of information on this box that mentions that you’re storing the cleaner that’s intended for domestic use only.

Step #7) Use Regular Carpet Applicators

The cleaning supplies that come in a package should be used on fresh, smooth floors. If you can’t use the cleaner on the floor where you’re cleaning, try using a carpet applicator on freshly cut wood trim to apply the cleaner directly to the floorboard.