How To Clean An Old Kitchen Sink Using Normal Water!

This is an important trick for maintaining the interior of a room.

The sink is a key part of any kitchen; its presence shows where any food will be placed during meals, where the kitchen sits, and whether the kitchen will be used for cooking, cleaning, laundry, or a combination of these tasks. After a few years, many appliances will need to be cleaned and this should not be a difficult task. This trick shows a simple way to clean an old kitchen sink with regular drinking water, and save some time in the process.

The secret to the trick is:

Use a plastic bottle with tap running.

When you have finished cleaning the sink you will then need to soak the bottle in the dirty water and allow it to dry on the surface of the water before placing in a plastic bucket. Here is a trick to quickly clean and store that water.

First, take your plastic bottle and place it in a bucket of water. Fill the bucket to the line with water. Place your bottle in the water, and add a generous amount of cooking oil on top. Now add about a spoonful of the water to the bucket and let it sit overnight. Next, remove your plastic bottle, add it to the bucket of water you put the bottle in, and allow it to soak for at least overnight, adding more water if the water gets dirty. Finally, you are done and your plastic bottle is ready for reuse.

A few notes to keep in mind while carrying this bucket as you move from place to place:

The oil in the bottle will be hard. Place it in the sink to break down and let you rinse the plastic bottle off of it. Do not use soap as this will add too much soap to the water and make the bucket too heavy when you are standing it up (if the water is still warm, you can dunk the bottle in cold water and let that soak). To avoid smearing the oil all over the sink when you are done cleaning the sink, use a rag to wipe off excess oil or clean it in the sink before putting it on the bucket, or just wash the plastic water bottle in the sink after the oil dries (this may not always be possible and you may need special cleaners to remove all the excess oil). To store the bucket of water and the plastic bottle it stored, place it at the bottom of the sink (if you have a kitchen sink with sink drain) or under a sink sink, drain, or toilet. You can then place the plastic bottle on top of the container so you can store without having it touch the sink floor in a messy manner.

When using the water only when needed, it is a good thing to only use a plastic water bottle. There are many products on the market called non-plastic “wet” water bottles which you can buy.

If you are not aware, the old trick we talked about before. You can easily tell if a glass water bottle is old by looking at its condition. An old water bottle is usually dirty and chipped.

If you find any problems with any part of this recipe or have any suggestions for improvements, please comment below.