How To Clean An Old Tv Remote With Vinegar

This is a cheap way to remove some cord and get a fresh new connection.

Vinegar is known for its antiseptic properties. When we are cleaning our TVs, we like to have a quick scrub for any dirt buildup. But the most effective way when cleaning a cord is with vinegar. It’s water-based. And if you have multiple cords to remove, it works just as well on the cord that is the slowest.

In this tutorial, we are going to remove a cord that is a little more than 10 years old and clean it with just vinegar.

How to Clean an 11 yr old TV

First, you want to soak the cord for 30 seconds then drain it, and repeat the following twice more. For example, we soaked the cord for 30 seconds with ½ quart of vinegar then then drained it, then soaked for 30 seconds then drain. It took me 3 tries before I could get the vinegar to work. You can see why there is a 30 second wait between each soaking. If it didn’t drain, you will need to put some luke warm water on the cord. This will let the vinegar sit longer. If I used 1 cup of vinegar, it seemed to work a little better. We got a good connection and no more crud on the tv. If you are replacing the cord, here is some suggestions: First: You could always buy some fresh new cord to get a fresh connection and clean the crud off the older cable. Second, take the existing old cord and put it on some hot glue and give it a couple quick hits. It will take off some of the old grease. Third: Use hot glue gun and hot glue the new cord on the old cord, then cover the whole cord. We used the hot glue gun to hold the cord in place. Fourth: Once the new cord is on, hot glue the new connection inside the existing connection. That is the basic method for removing a cord. Some folks have done better than my method. But, here are some more tips: If your cord is getting stuck to other wires, just wrap the cord around it to get a better connection. The hot glue dries very fast so you don’t want to wait for it to dry because it will ruin the connection with glue or caulk.

Here’s the finished product. If you don’t have a new cable, just take the old one off and put the new cable on, and reassemble. This method also worked for cleaning a cord on my Sonos system.

How to Clean Old Cord

When you use vinegar on a cord, you will want to allow it to completely drain from the end of the cord before removing it. This will create the best connection. If you have a cord that has already been wet with soot or dirt from other connections, you will want to allow it to fully dry and clean the dirt inside of it. If the area under the connector or cable is very sticky, then you will need to leave the connector or cable alone. It is often possible to get rid of all the grease by soaking it in hot soapy water for a few minutes. As the water from the connection dries, you will probably only be removing the grease. But, if the part is really stuck and the water is cold, you will need to let it dry overnight in a warm place. Here is a photo of my old cord.

How To Clean a Cord with Old Vin

A popular method is to use vinegar to clean old cords.