How To Clean An Out-Of-Style Car

It’s a time-honored technique that’s become the ultimate cleaning solution.

As soon as you receive a new car, you will spend a good time cleaning it. It’s not too difficult, but it is an all-encompassing job and it’s all about cleaning and maintaining your new vehicle. For this reason, this tip should help you remove the tarnish from one of your favorite parts.

Before cleaning a vehicle, you need to know the basic rules of removing tarnish to keep your investment shiny, new. Before you start, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help in the entire process. Keep these in mind as you complete this guide.

1 The basic rule: Clean the old, rusty parts first

There are four primary things to do to remove old, rusty metal to keep the overall look of your vehicle looking great:

Clean the old, rusty part to remove the rust

You’ve found some rust in this area, you’ll need to remove it to leave the area shiny. There are many different methods, and they each work according to its own set of guidelines, but let’s look at the one that always works. You will need a steel wool or other abrasive, rubbing soda or a paste like carnauba wax is ideal.

First make sure to wet the abrasive and rub it across the surface in all directions. You will have a small amount of rust present which should be quickly gone. You can use your finger to help push the rust out if it’s a tough job.

Repeat the process until the rust is gone. Use rubbing soda or another paste if you’d like to make it even easier.

2 A good way is using wax

Wax has always been recommended and it actually works to remove rust and corrosion. It’s easy to use and if applied slowly, it will remove the rust and also act as a cleaner. Wax can be purchased in stores or online. You can use it over an old or an new car and it will remove the rust instantly.

As you apply the wax, you want to be using a very light pressure. You may find that you have to go back over the area with the clean wax several times if you over apply. You’ll be removing the rust instantly but it will take a few minutes.

3 Clean with baking soda

Baking soda is another good cleaner to use that should be carefully applied. Most automotive stores sell a baking soda that will go in a spray bottle and easily be applied to any dark colored area. You can also buy that right here: Baking Soda

It can be a little harsh so you’ll want to apply to the part in small amounts. Be careful not to be too much of a scrubbie, or use too much. Once you apply the baking soda, leave it for a minute or so, then wipe it off with a dry cloth. Repeat until the area is clean. It should also clean off much more of the grime that is still present in the area.

4 The way to clean with WD40

It was never actually recommended, but it’s still a good cleaner to use in the early stages. Washing your vehicle is an art, and it will need to get better over time. Just remember to keep doing it. It will remove any and all of the dirt, dust, and rust.

One of the biggest problems with cleaning with WD40 is that it can leave a residue. You will have to work the solution off in a very careful manner.