How To Clean Drywall Using Your Trowel

There are numerous drywall drycleaning methods. This one involves a trowel.

A trowel is a fantastic tool for cleaning drywall. Not only does it deliver the right amount of pressure to get drywall off easily, it also has a wide-angle cutting edge that also allows the trowel to cut cleanly against any smooth surface, from wood to tile. Although the trowel is one of your most basic hand tools, it still has a great variety of uses, from repairing old windows to cleaning up after pets. If you’re having trouble cleaning a room through drywall, try one of these methods.

Before you start

Get the right tools. Start your drywall cleaning with the right tool. There is no excuse for buying the wrong tool. 

Use the right trowel. The trowel that comes with your drywall kit is not the right tool for this job. Buy a tool with a wide-angle surface cutting edge. Most trowels are made for cutting large boards or sheetrock with a wide cutting edge that is too narrow to clean drywall, so you should look for a trowel that has a tapered surface that is made for cutting cleanly against wood/timbers/tile. If you’re not sure which trowel to buy, use this tool table as a guide, and see which type best suits your needs and budget.

Prep the trowel to apply the trowel. You have to be careful when cleaning drywall with the trowel. It is very easy to damage the surface, so make sure you wipe the wall as completely as possible before putting your trowel into the wall, and also make it as smooth as possible before the trowel starts to work.

Get yourself a good, clean floor. This is extremely important. If you accidentally damage your floor, you’re out of luck. However, the best way to avoid this is to clean any spills immediately. This way your stain will dry out and won’t adhere to your floor, making it much harder to remove over time. 

Make sure there are no spills or scratches on your floor. In case you have spills or scratches on the floor, it will be much harder for your trowel to clean off your wall. A good way to make sure there are no marks is to get a small spot of white painter’s tape.

Apply trowel to the area you want to remove. The trowel won’t be able to reach all parts of the wall, so you’ll need to cover them with your paintbrush and some drywall cleaner. 

Use a good amount of pressure on the trowel to clean the area. This will be tough until you’ve learned how to properly apply trowel pressure. It has been known to take hours if you’re doing it wrong, so practice over and over until it becomes second nature. 

Clean away any debris. The worst thing you can do when cleaning a wall with the trowel is to leave a big mess. Keep a sharp pair of tweezers or a screwdriver next to you, and take that piece of damaged drywall with you every time you clean. It will look like a messy blob, and that will only make it more difficult to remove.