How To Clean Drywall With Liquid Soap

An easy, gentle technique that makes your wall look great on its own.

We’ve always been in love with drywall. We are big fan to our old drywall, but it seems that in the past, we’ve been missing out on a super easy cleaning trick. It’s called Liquid Soap. It can do the job for you, too! This easy, gentle technique makes your drywall look amazing with just one spray.

I like that Liquid Soap won’t wash in the machine, and it won’t damage drywall. I know some people will not like the smell, but the scent is really only around after a while.

Start by spraying the whole area with Liquid Soap . I am pretty sure that the liquid soaps work really well with acrylic, so we’ll be spraying the whole wall. If it isn’t too much trouble, you can spray a light coat and let air dry. This works great for drywall without a protective layer of paint. However, for acrylic to work well, we won’t need a protective layer of paint. We’ll just need to use a paintbrush to get clean drywall, then wipe with a damp, soft cloth with the solvent. Here are a couple pictures to show what I mean.

I can see that my wall has been cleaned a bit cleaner with these two photos and with air drying. The paintbrush is still laying on top of the wall, and the liquid soap is dripping down from it. You should not see any drips down from the brush. We let the wall air dry for a few hours.

Now it is time to paint! You can use a paintbrush, an acrylic foam brush, or a paint brush + can of solvent on your hands. Brush paint will start out a bit darker, but after 24-30 hours, will darken quite nicely.

I am using a watercolor called “Tulip.”

Now it’s time to seal things up with a clear coat. Paint sealant really is an acrylic spray, so it will be much easier than you think to seal your wall up, without harming the drywall. I have applied 2 coats with the primer on. We didn’t think a 2-coat paint would show through our old wall, but it seems that some of the old drywall has shown through!

All in all, we did a wonderful job on our old wall! We really couldn’t believe how easy it was to do. We still feel the same today. It seems like we found an old, easy trick to clean a drywall wall.