How To Clean Dusting Masks Using Fabric Softener

A little quick-and-dirty home cleaning idea.

A hard day at work? You may not have been able to finish all of your dusting tasks. But fear not, good citizen. Our expert here at Mom.Me explains how to clean your dusting mask using a fabric softener and fabric softener pad. A little extra liquid, a little fabric softener on top for good measure, and then you’re good to go.

A few important tips before you proceed:

1.) If you use a cloth pad or your cloth masking sponge, make sure the fabric is completely dry to the touch, because fabric softener won’t last without moisture. You’ll also want to make sure that the fabric pad is clean of any liquid. There is no need to scrub fabric softener pads unless your fabric softener is very old or faded. It should be a little white. If it’s not, it has to be cleaned out.

2.) This mask will work best with medium-to-heavy coverage dusting. If you have a very dusty mask, you may need to use the fabric softener in smaller areas for a cleaner wash; see instructions on how to use fabric softener.

3.) Be careful to not use too much of the fabric softener, or the fabric on the mask may end up soft before you’ve completed the entire process, ruining your mask and ruining the look of your floor. The softening can also cause the mask to lose its scratch-resistant surface finish; it’s best to use just one pump to get the job done.

4.) When using the cloth pad to clean the mask, try to use the pad to wipe away the excess to help prevent damage to your material. (Just be sure to wipe up excess product before you start, and then give it a quick once-over.) The pads are meant to just be used for a dusting-specific surface, like the face; not used to clean off dust, dirt or whatever else is on the mask.

5.) Since fabric softener is a liquid, it’s a messy process. Make sure to rinse it with water. If you use anything that could get on your materials, be careful to not leave any residue behind. You may also want to spray a thin layer of non-soluble water on top of the fabric softener to help rinse off the residual product.

Let Mom.Me take the lead. You can follow along with the steps in the photo.

* If you like this mask but are having some difficulty with it, you may prefer something softer, like fabric softener pads. Click here to find out where to purchase high-quality fabric softener pads .