How To Clean Glass Bottles Without A Scrub

A quick spray works great at removing any water spots without disturbing the contents, but they’re not always reliable.

A quick spray will remove dirt and grime off your glass bottles, but it doesn’t necessarily get everything clean. A more thorough scrub can help get rid of all of the dirt and grime. Once you have all of the water off your bottles, put them under warm running water to rinse them off. The best way to gently scrub them is to rub the bottle against your chest, just inside your armpit. This will remove excess wax, dirt and grime. If you’re really hard on your bottle, you can use a scrubbing tool made especially for washing bottles such as the one found in The Kitchenaid Cleaning Wasp.

Wash your bottles with warm (70-80 degree F) water and a bit of elbow grease to get them completely clean, and then put them back in the sink to rinse off the excess water. This next phase is called “dry cleaning” because it happens without the use of harsh chemicals. Your bottles can safely be re-used, but make sure they’re clean before you use them again. Some bottles have a rubber gasket on the tops to prevent water buildup and the dreaded water ring. This can easily be removed by rubbing on some dishwasher solution to loosen it. However, there are many types of rubber bands available and you can purchase them at any hobby store or online. You’ll probably want to use one made specifically for bottles. They won’t be quite as flexible, but they’ll do in a pinch, as the rubber bands on many bottles are too brittle to work well with dishwashing solutions. 

Some bottles can be scrubbed with nothing more than a soft sponge and a toothbrush . These scrubbers are easy to find, and you should have one on hand just in case you accidentally wipe your bottle with a dirty towel. I found a variety of small brush-type scrubbers on eBay, and the ones from The Home Depot cost less than $6. They’re available in sizes that fit most brands of bottles, too. 

If you can’t find a sponge, just use a small toothbrush and some water and the water will work quite nicely. The key is to wipe the bottle down thoroughly, because with a sponge, the water just falls right off of the glass. The same type of brush that makes a good toothbrush does a great job with cleaning your bottles. The bristles do not scratch the glass either. The toothbrush will remove some food debris and food fibers, but the glass should be totally clean.

Now you need to remove any remaining soap from your bottle, and if you’re going to use a dishwasher, make sure you change all the water before hand. This also means getting to your bottles as soon as possible, or you’ll have to go through multiple washes and clean them repeatedly. It’s also a good idea to rinse them with hot water, even if there is no visible water ring. This removes any water buildup, but keep in mind that even if you were to rinse them in cold water, the bottle will still need to be rinsed with water anyway. And if you’re really not sure about a glass bottle being clean or not, do a side-by-side comparison between the bottle’s outside, inner and even a quick test on a towel. Your bottles might be in pretty good shape if a few scratches aren’t visible in the final image.  If your bottle has a water ring, you’ll want a bottle-safe solution such as  Purex Bottle Cleaner .

Some Glass Bottles Have A Water Ring To Prevent Water From Getting Inside

One last tip for cleaning your bottles is to always fill them to the top. This is especially important if you are using a bottle wiper to wash the bottles.