How To Clean Glass Soakers With Water

You’ll want to clean glass soakers before they break down and fall apart.

The Glass Soaker is a powerful cleaner because of how fast it can remove stains from glass. It can be used just about anywhere, from your kitchen cabinet to the floor of the bathtub. If the Glass Soaker doesn’t remove stains as quickly or clean as well as it should, there are several tips to help you get the job done a little bit better. First, you can let the glass sit overnight to get things going. This can help you speed up the drying process by keeping the cleaning solution at the temperature that it is designed at: 68 °F. Next, you can rinse the glass soaker with warm water, wait about ten seconds and then add a few drops of dish detergent to the water. The soap molecules will pull up the stain.

Glass Soaker Tips

The Glass Soaker requires you to be very careful about its usage and usage instructions. You need to read carefully how to use the Glass Soaker.  

Using Glass Soaker Recipes

The Glass Soaker’s instructions are very limited. The instructions also provide too much information, so you might be scratching your head trying to follow the instructions. There are two main parts to a Glass Soaker Recipe: the cleaning agent and the surface to clean.  You’ll find cleaning agents in small containers or bottles.

This is a small container of liquid cleaning agent: the solvent. The solvent will help clean the glass soaker because there are molecules that come in contact with the glass. These molecules are responsible for many things, such as making glass shine, keeping wine from leaching out of a wine bottle, preventing tarnish and making the glass soaker’s cleaner come out a nice clean color. 

This is how the solvent works: it is responsible for making the cleaning solution. The solvent acts just like liquid water, dissolving the cleaning agent molecules and leaving it suspended in the air. You might even find a lot of cleaning solution floating around on the surface of the glass soaker, but this is okay. This gives a great clean.

What you add to the glass soaker is what’s called a soap base. The soap base is what you add to the cleaning solution. Most soaps have a soap base, meaning it will help remove the dirt of dirty surfaces. This means a soap base can be used everywhere that you would use liquid water as well as any other surface you want to clean. You should look for a soap base that is safe for most surfaces such as glass and metal. For more info on soap bases and what they are, read How To Choose Your Soap Base.

Adding Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution usually comes in a small bottle. You simply add the cleaning solution to the glass soaker container and then shake the bottle well so that the cleaning solution is in contact with everything. The cleaning solution is extremely hot. It is much hotter than you might think because of the hot liquid. The cleaning solution contains many cleaning agents, so it needs to be warm because otherwise it won’t have a chance to mix and act. The cleaning solution should be kept hot until all the glass soakers in the cup are clean. That’s how you’ll know you have completely cleaned them all.

Using Glass Soakers

When using glass soakers, you want to use a bottle that has a tight cap. This will help keep the cleaner in the container. It is also important that you use the bottle tightly when you’re shaking the bottle because the cleaning solution will move. The more tightly you have control over the shaking, the faster you can remove the stain.

Some cleaning agents use hot water in the cleaning solution, so you might have to shake your bottle or bottle cap multiple times before the solution is completely clean. It is also important to keep the glass cleaning container very cool or it will not be able to hold all the cleaning solution that needs to be removed from the glass soaker.