How To Clean Kitchen Sink Spills

You know you are cleaning your sink when all you do is wash the sink.

The sink was my childhood.

My dad always thought he was the only person in the world whose sink needed washing. After his death… his only brother cleaned the sink from top to bottom and the only person who actually said they were going to clean the sink was my mother. She wasn’t even into kitchen stuff. She was too busy with her own kitchen. That’s why I got into the kitchen all those years ago. It was not like any other kid’s kitchen was so messy with food everywhere. It was just my sink.

The sink had its share of spills, and we had to clean it more often than we were supposed to. It just felt really bad to have to clean a kitchen sink when it just needed to be washed. This is, in fact, the only time in a long time I would clean the sink… until a few weeks ago. When my dad left us, we were left living alone. At least one of us had a roommate and we knew they had cleaning supplies, so we figured we would try to clean the sink ourselves.

The first night, we had no choice but to clean the sink. All that day, no messes. The second night, we were like… I guess it is possible that we had a sputtering setup. We cleaned the sink. The next night, our roommate and I tried to clean it and it went really well… again, no issues.

The third night was the last night of our time with the roommate. It was almost dark when we started getting the urge to clean the sink. We started cleaning the sink together in the dark that night. The first night, I tried to clean the sink myself, then I said we’d go to the store. This is when we found the drain cleaner and used it, followed by the kitchen scrubber and a little elbow grease.

By the time we were done, we had cleaned the sink perfectly. We cleaned it just as well as my father did. We did our best, and we had a perfect cleanup. We knew that with us around, our roommate would be okay. So, when the apartment was our alone this past weekend, we decided to clean the sink on our own. We did, of course, mess everything up. We were just too eager to get it done so we got the drain cleaner, kitchen towel, kitchen scour, and elbow grease out and started cleaning the sink ourselves.

I know cleaning a washing machine can get you nowhere. We took a little break and cleaned a dishwasher. Once the dishes got clean…

…We came home to our little mess on the kitchen sink. The drain cleaner hadn’t worked properly and the sink was almost dry. Well, we don’t normally run the sink ourselves, so we had no other choice than to clean the sink with the drain cleaner. I had not cleaned the sink yet, so I was all wet. My roommate had done her best, the two of us, and we cleaned in the dark. At one point, my roommate turned on a light which was in the kitchen just in case of a spill. We got the sink clean in the light.

Once cleaned and dried, we went to the living room and looked at it to see how we were doing. Sure, all there was was wet, smudged mess and a piece of dirty water sitting on the kitchen counter. If I was here I would have gotten the hell out of bed, cleaned the sink, then looked at myself in my tiny kitchen mirror. The mirror just kept getting worse. And then you get back in bed and tell yourself that this is just going to take care of itself. Then you finally get up and come back to clean the sink. And then… you wake up tomorrow morning and find this: That’s my new mirror.  I can’t take it anymore.

I’m going to go back to the living room, and get the sink clean while the mirror goes home. I might as well at this point. I should be able to tell that tomorrow morning, the sink will be clean just like before. The sink looks like it will take care of itself.

I will update this later. If anyone is wondering about the sink, I think it’s safe to say I don’t know the last time that’s happened. It’s happened before, but that’s not even enough of an excuse to clean the sink.