How To Clean Laundry Room Equipment

Here we show off how to get the most out of your clothes dryer, laundry basket, dryer sheets, clothes rack, and more.

It was probably the one product every man and woman, from day care boys to college students to high school teachers, had. And it was, without a doubt, the most indispensable part of a home or workplace. And then all of a sudden it’s no longer in your handbag, or tucked in the pocket of your jeans. And, like most things, it can go missing. But not if you have the perfect kit for cleaning and keeping it organized. After all, how many times have you picked up that basket that was only ever used by one person in your household, only to wonder, “What did I actually do with that basket?” It’s like that with laundry products. Every wash cycle and a week later, we’re back at square one. Now we’ve got all of those great little devices that have been in so many homes and now we’ve got to figure out what else to do with them. It’s like our own laundry room has the contents of its own closet.

So you’ll be seeing more and more of these accessories in your home. And we’re telling you all about it right here right in The Laundryroom Guide .

Check out some of the accessories and see what makes them perfect for your home, work, or life..

I was fortunate enough to be able to speak with several of the people that helped produce The Laundryroom Guide , and they were just as excited as you to bring The Laundryroom Guide to this world. I’ve been working on this for just over two years with the help of the great folks in Canada that produced my recent film,  The Laundryroom Guide: How To Use Dryers, Clothes Bags, Cloth and More For Success and Success in Your Home . They have been my constant, trusted advisors and support system for almost two years. 

I’ve received countless emails, comments, and feedback from people that I’ve reached out to through my blog,  Dryer Wisdom . And you know, people, what I’ve learned over the past three years is so amazing! I’m so glad to finally bring this to you!

Now that you’ve got a brief tour of The Laundryroom Guide , let’s begin.

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1. Lay your clothes on a flat surface.

To prevent damage to the clothes basket, lay them flat. Do not wring or spin the clothing.

2. Laundry basket 

Wring the clothes. The most useful tool in the entire laundry room. If you have more than one basket, wring the clothes from the basket with the basket inside. This will create a strong wind that will blow out your clothes more effectively, so wring all your clothes. Make sure to wring all or all of an article of clothing so that you don’t wring only the top part of the garment in your wringer.

You may use a wringer if the item you are wringing is loose in the basket. You can use a wringer that is designed to be smaller than the basket, or you can use one that is similar in size to the basket. The wringer should have a stiff-bottomed lid that will allow you to wring out the garment from its container. 

If you have more than one basket, wring the clothes from both. They must be in one container. 

3. Lay clothes in basket

Pull garments out of the basket. They are ready for wringing. Take your clothes out of the basket and wash them on a small spin cycle. It is also a good idea to wash clothing, including any that are wrung, separately.