How To Clean Leather Sofa With Cottage Cheese

You’d never buy a leather sofa unless you loved the comfort, durability, and smell of cottage cheese.

If you love cottage cheese just how it is, you can treat a leather couch just like a home: in an all-out effort to get every drop of cheesy glory. But you have to be very careful– the cheese itself leaves a distinct odor behind, so you’ll need to move it from place to place to remove them. The same is true for you. You need to remove dust and smudges, and so it’s best to take care before and after you use your sofas. If in doubt, consider yourself on the receiving end of an unscented cottage cheese bath.

The two-step process to this method is, at some point, your sofas need to be in an actual bath of warm soapy water. It may take time to achieve this goal, but once the soaps have softened the leather, wipe off as much of the dust and smudges as you possibly can, and move the sofas to a new place and position in the room. This will reduce the impact that the cheese and the soap have on the furniture, and allows for your sofas to breathe. You don’t want to leave the room with so much grime on your sofas that they’ll smell like a farm. Also, use caution when moving them to new places. There’s nothing worse than an expensive leather sofas smelling like a farm!

Once the sofas are ready you’ll want to clean out your bathroom to wipe down the place where the sofas are. To do the toiletry, I recommend one of the following solutions:

A. Washing the toilet paper can be accomplished by running it through the soapy water, or washing it off with your hands. If you have paper towels on hand, just run a few at the toilet and then let them dry, then go about your business.

B. Put your sofas in a small plastic zip lock bag and use it to cover them, then run the bag through the washing machine to remove and rinse. This is a little more effort, but will remove odors from the bathroom that may have been introduced by the sofas drying.

C. If you have disposable diapers or other disposable items on hand, you can use them to make sure the toilet paper gets all the soap out. Put the items in the wash, and run several at one time to get the soap in the toilet paper. Rinse them off and reuse the washcloth to dry the toilet paper. If you have paper towels, you can simply soak them in the soapy water, leaving them for a short period. You can then use them normally, and wipe down your toilet with the towel that you have at hand.

After the soaps are all washed away, rinse out the bathtub or sink with a hose or tap that gets hot, running over the soapy water with no towels. This will remove the limescale and soap suds that built up while soaking in the bath, helping to remove the odors.

Once you’ve washed away the soapy water, soak the sofas in a pot of cold tap water, or a tub which is sitting in the fridge. This will help loosen their oils, leaving all excess soap- and limescale free oil. Now you’re ready to start using!

When using soap to clean sofas, it is best to wet the fabric in one pass, then work your way down. You don’t want to put a few tiny drops on one side and a lot on the other, because this may leave streaks. Just get close to the edges, and go at it.