How To Clean Out A Potted Plant Without A Hammer

If you have a garden, you know that removing plants from their pots and watering them is a tedious process…

In order to make your watering process less labor-intensive, you must learn how to gently pry plants in pots apart with nothing more than a sharp knife. You may be surprised to learn just how easy it is to do this without the use of a hammer – even a toddler can do it. Take a tour of our kitchen garden with this video and you should have no trouble with this tricky task.

You Are Tempted To Get Your Lighter In Our Kitchen For A Different Reason. But Here’s How.

A potted plant is like a family album for your pot because it is full of memories of all of the plants within it. We all have favorite plants from our childhoods, but you only have to look around the kitchen for a few minutes to spot those long-ago favorites.

It’s the little plants you see now. Just look at these green tomatoes. They had a great life before I took care of them – so much so, that at 7 years old, they’re no longer tomatoes. They’re tomatoes grown in a pot. 

When you find a plant you can’t live without, be sure to save it! You might want to repot when it is almost dead or in need of rejuvenation. Don’t save all of the plants that are in your garden: those that you will grow in your own containers will probably go to seed sooner rather than later.

When you buy a plant, be sure to note what it grows best in. The tomato that thrives in a medium with lots of sunlight is very hardy and beautiful. 

Another tomato that grows best in heavy clay is very hard to grow in a dishwasher-friendly pot. 

Many people grow plants in pots with different types of soil that work on different textures. Try various combinations to get an idea of what grows best with what soil. 

The most important rule to remember with a potted plant is that it must be kept moist and protected. If a plant begins to dry out, move it in a pot or box that keeps it moist. Plants can survive for a while without water but you run significant risk of rooting rot if they can’t get enough moisture. Be sure the container fits the pot so the root system doesn’t twist when you try to force the plant. The plant cannot move, and when it rotes it causes a water problem. 

Take Care Of Your Potted Plants.

Your hard work is paying off, and your plants are becoming big and beautiful! You are just about ready to enjoy them, but there’s the matter of food storage. Let’s face it, it doesn’t get much better than the food you’ll eat from your plants in the future. 

You can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables without much thought: berries, cucumbers, and peppers. But you can only be so productive. Your plant needs nutrients, and it needs time. The next time you think about growing tomatoes for the year, take a step back and think about the long-term future of your food. It will likely be much more valuable in your collection. 

If you are wondering if it is possible to grow the same plant from seed… think again. It is not possible, and unless you are willing to make your garden your home, it is not a very profitable endeavor, either. 

If you have any questions about potted plants – feel free to ask! If you’d like more in-depth information on how to grow plants from seed, this may be the information for you.