How To Clean Pet Food From Your Kitchen Closet

You’ve got to keep some of this food that has gone bad away if you ever intend to let your pet eat it.

And the next best thing to throwing it is leaving some of the pet food that has gone bad away for your cat on your kitchen floor if you have a cat. Your cat will appreciate the peace of mind that having a clean, untouched cupboard will give it, and that is really all that matters in the end.

The best part of your kitchen floor is the area to put your pet food that has spoiled and gone bad away. It will be a nice safe haven with the scent of your pet’s fur forever.

The only requirement is that you put your food out and away from any other food and garbage.

It’s not hard to do and doesn’t require any special training.

The hardest part is keeping track of where your food is, but once you have it set up, you’ll be able to quickly identify where it is in the house.

Here’s the simple formula that keeps this food from spoiling for your cat:

1. Get an inexpensive, disposable bag. Any one-size-fits-all bag will do. The larger, heavier bags or ones that may be stuck to something you have won’t do.

2. Throw a couple of pet food bags in the disposable bag and seal them with tape or a rubber band . No need to cut into the bags or break any of the seals.

3. The idea with the disposable bags is that the food sticks to the bag so that it’s hard to remove the bag. Place the food bag where the food has spoiled and have an idea what part of the kitchen will have most contact with it.

4. Place a clean, dry towel, bath towel or bath mat over the food bag to keep the food moist.

5. Make a mess on the floor of the kitchen. Remove the towels so the smell won’t be so overwhelming.

Don’t leave pet food anywhere near your kitchen floor or food storage area. Even when your cat goes from the grocery store to the kitchen and doesn’t get to eat the spoiled food, you still need to keep it safely away.

How To Remove From Kitchen

The best way to get rid of pet food that has spoiled on your kitchen floor or that isn’t clean enough is to go straight to the kitchen floor of your home and wash the floor with soap.

You want to make sure there is no pet hair, grease or food residue on the floor. There are many products that work well.

For example, there are special dishwashing soap that you use for your hands while you’re washing your hands. They are called ‘Femtomatic.’ You soak them in hot water and it has a chemical that is very good at getting rid of pet hair and grease on kitchen floors.

It isn’t cheap, but it works. Just be sure not to use those in the bathroom area. For example, any shampoo that you use on your body that is a bit heavy in flavor for your bath and the bathroom is not a good choice to use.

There are other products that work for cleaning kitchen floors too. My favorite one is from the food and beverage aisle. It is called ‘Bend’ and it is the ultimate for cleaning your kitchen floor, kitchen counters and appliances.

They are extremely heavy duty and they stay in contact with the floor for years.

You don’t even need to put it in a tub or sink. Simply lay it on top of a towel.

It will clean it much, much quicker than other products.