How To Clean Pet Hair Off Of Your Pet

Just because your family has pets doesn’t mean they’ll tolerate your pets’ hair or skin. Using this tool, it’s easy to wash and dry hair and skin of your companion animals that is difficult to get rid of.

For over 30 plus years, we’ve been helping people reduce the impact of pet hair on the environment and on pet’s health. With the creation of our Pet Clipper, we’ve created a simple, safe and effective way to keep your pet’s hair from clumping, and hair from getting frizzy, so they’ll be right as rain every day. Just follow our simple directions to remove stubborn clumps and frizz.

This machine can be used on any breed of dog, with or without collars.

The Pet Clipper features: • Easily uses on all breeds of dog; ‭-even small breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labs and Boxers.

• Use up to 60-foot length of hair and 60-foot width across dog‭s back to avoid hair loss

• Works in 30-minutes after removing the brush

• The machine comes with a soft handle for ease of use

• Two 1-inch nylon bristles help get hair off easily

• A soft wipe cloth to dry

Instructions for use:

With your dog‭s back facing you, remove the brush from the tube and remove the head from the tube (do not get the brush in the air). Lay the brush handle down and then wrap the brush firmly around the base of the dog‭s neck, moving toward the spine. The head of the brush is held firmly at the base of the dog‭s body and the bristles are pushed up into the head with strong pressure on the base of the neck.

Once the brush has reached the spine, apply gentle pressure to the base of the back using the hand handles on each end of the head of the brush. The bristles on this handle should be pushed back and the hair will be pulled up off the dog‭s back.

Hold the bristles firmly for 30-45 seconds, until the bristles become soft and will fall off and clear the area. Reapply and wipe dry with clean damp cloth.

Do not use the Pest Catcher on dogs‭ fur.

How To Clean Pet Cloth On A Locker

Many people don‭t understand where and how the natural oils of skin and hair are washed. By simply following these easy steps, your pet will be left feeling clean and smelling fresh. Simply lay your pet in a carrier or in a plastic tub, and clean the fur on both sides of the body with the pet towel. The Pet Towel is very gentle, doesn‭t pull on the fur, and will help prevent lint from building up and creating a mess.

• Be sure to wipe your pet‭s fur off between towelings.

Do not use shampoo or other pet products like hair conditioners on your pet, especially if you are using the Pest Catcher.

• Do not use your pet‭s mouth for anything. The bristles on the paw pads can hold any and all particles that may be on the pet‭s skin, and can be difficult to remove.

• Do not rub pet‭s fur directly on the carpet. Pet wipes or wipes made for use in your children‭’s bedrooms are designed for the cleaning of pets‭ fur and skin.

• Be sure to clean the underside of your pet‭s belly, around its tail, and the inner sides of the ears and nose.

• Make sure that you do not wash pet‭s hair over its body. Avoid washing pet‭s legs near its groin and avoid getting them wet with water.