How To Clean The Laundry Room’S Lint With A Paintbrush

Don’t let the fact that this is an old trick turn you off. Even if you weren’t using it decades ago, you can still pull this trick off. And if it does make you dirty… it’ll all be worth it in the end.

If you do this, and not using it, you can’t call yourself a dirty old man. The “dirty old man” stereotype comes from a time when washing clothes with lint was a common household task. Lint that gets caught in your clothes can add bulk to your load, or the lint itself can be a nuisance in and of itself and take forever to clean. With the addition of a brush, a little brush cleaning work really gets the yard cleaned up in no time.

The first step you’ll need is the right tool. Most folks use a toothbrush to get in and out. However, there are other, newer, tools that can be used for this too. I’ve used a pair of nail clippers on a few occasions, when I got caught with too much lint on a specific pair of jeans, for instance.  One or two brushes could clean up a huge load too.  There are other options than those, but I think the nail clippers or a toothbrush are the top choices.

If you’re going to use a nail clipper, you’ll probably want to get something you can buy new again and again. A tool that you get used to is far less likely to cause problems.

I’ve heard it said more than once that you shouldn’t use a brush or a toothbrush to clean your lint. You should use a lintless brush. A lintless hairbrush is the best option, but there are other kinds of lintless brushes that are also fine for your job.  A new kind of “lintless hairbrush” is the “wax lint brush”… (See picture below)

Wax Lint Braided Brushing Pads

Wax lint brushes are waxed bristles covered in cotton or wool, that are used to clean lint from the clothes.  To use a brush like this, you’ll want to get a clean lintless comb to hold the hairbrush, or just run the hairbrush’s bristles through a lintless comb. As you run the comb over the hair, you might as well dust it with a little lint free “wax”.  You’re not really going to need it, though, as this lintless comb is just like the classic, old fashioned lint brush that you can find on many antique shops.  Once you’ve got your lintless comb in shape, put the hairbrush in your lintless brush holder. If it’s big enough, you can place it right over the lint.  It doesn’t really matter what you do to it though, so long as you clean it.

Wax lint brushes come in different sizes.  Sometimes they might be as small as a quarter inch, other times bigger. You need a brush big enough to handle the fabric itself, and the fabric will give off lint from the buttons, the seams, etc. For some reason, I seem to get the biggest brushes.  So I tend to use a 2 inch brush with my bigger brushes, and a 3 inch with my smaller ones.

You’ll also need something to comb your lint clean, which is the “wax comb”.  I think this is a more permanent way of cleaning lint than just putting your hand in there, but it’ll do to clean up some of it.  You’ll also need something to rub your lint off of your clothes, but I just use a wet cloth.