How To Clean The Outside Of Any Laptop

If it were up to me, your computer should contain absolutely nothing on the outside.

If it were up to me, your laptop should contain absolutely nothing on the outside. In some ways, the outside is no more important than the inside. No matter what’s inside, it should look clean, crisp, and clean. If you would just clean what you couldn’t see, your laptop would look the same. We don’t wash laptops just for cleanliness’s sake. Just like how your house doesn’t look cleaner if the curtains don’t come off, you don’t want to mess up your own computer’s pristine look by washing it too often. And once a week, or so, is a more than reasonable cleaning schedule.

This is something that, again, I’m sure we could have saved time by thinking about. But let’s pretend we just took our laptop apart without cleaning it first. In the very first step to cleaning, you would see that your hard drive is completely empty:

We could’ve cleaned that first time around, but we wanted to do it all at once. If we were in a rush and we’d forgotten, it wouldn’t have looked so good. Now you just have to put the computer back together, clean it one more time, and it will look just as good as new.

It’s not like you’re just going to go into your computer, flip a switch, and get a clean computer right away. Your system takes time to get to that state. But with enough time, sometimes you are able to improve your system. In the meantime you may want to give your computer a once over just to be sure your hard drive is clean.

If you have trouble cleaning your hard drive, or you really just want to clear your hard drive in general, you can follow the instructions below:

1. Download the free program that is required for deleting your old data on your hard drive

Once you have downloaded the free program, just extract the files and then click on the Install Now button to start getting a free computer. Your computer will not run unless this program is installed, but once it is installed, your hard drive should be as clean as it can be.  You don’t need this program to be completely clean, though.  You don’t even need it to delete all the garbage.  You just need it to tell the computer when your data has been deleted, and you don’t need it to actually delete any data.  If, for whatever reason, you want to delete your data and not have your computer show you the progress, you can just hit the Clean Now button, but don’t worry about the progress bar – that’s only there to let you know your hard drive is clean enough.

2. Run the program that tells your hard drive it is cleaner

Once the Install Now program is installed, it will show you progress showing where your hard drive is, and how much data it has been deleted since it was cleaned.  As long as there is some data left on the drive as it runs, it will display that data.  Your hard drive will show where it is, and how much data it has been deleted since it was cleaned, as long as you don’t have any of that data on it! The program also has some settings that make it easier to clean the drive, and make it easier to find what you are looking for by changing some of those settings. But all of this can be found in the program’s instructions. Once it has finished doing its work, it will let you know how much space is left and where the data is located.  If you need to clean some more, it will let you know how much space you have to use until it can delete the remaining data on the drive.