How To Clean Wipes That Don’T Come Clean

It’s the little things! When it comes to disposing of those “cleaned” laundry pads, you’ll want to keep your eye out for these little nuggets of dirt that can turn into big problems. Keep your eyes peeled and clean these wipe-like items out whenever the occasion demands.

Each year, they are on the 31st of August. This year, my sister’s wedding is on Thursday, Sept. 20 through Monday the 26th. The week before the wedding, I found two of the three wash mitts that fit the room in which I was cleaning out my parents’ house (their old house). Since the wash mitts were two-toed, this meant that they were too short for me to use. On each hand, we see a black handle on a clear plastic body.

As for the blue wash mitt, I asked a neighbor where she got the wash mitt. She said she was buying a new set for a friend with short fingernails because long fingernails can cut your wrists during a fall. She pointed to the handle on the wash mitt… I thought it was neat, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was and I thought maybe I should keep it to myself. I didn’t want it to be public knowledge. The wash mitt was sitting in my backpack when I went to clean out the storage closet.

So, my advice for those who own a washing machine? Use your hands! It won’t hurt as much to clean up with your hands as it would when you use a regular detergent packet. When it comes to washing up after you use the machine, follow some simple guidelines: 1- Use water in water. If it leaves a residue, it’s a bad result. 2- Don’t use a water softener. This may help your washing machine run a little faster, but it will also make your clothes a bit softer. It’s better to keep your clothes nice and old-fashioned and dry or damp.

3- Use a rinse like I did, even if that means re-wetting them before drying or you’ll end up getting some soap scum on your clothes. I even made my own “shower gel” by mixing two parts laundry detergent with one part water (don’t do this. I don’t know about you, but I don’t do this). You should also re-rinse your wash clothes with cold soapy water to remove any soap scum that may have formed.

4- Be sure to rinse your clothes well so that any soap residue is removed. If you notice that your clothes don’t feel so great after washing, chances are there was some soap lingering behind. You may even see residue on the outside of your pants and possibly on your body that you don’t want to see. The best thing you can do is ask to wash in hot water and you’ll save yourself a few dollars. And remember: you can always add hot water up to the recommended temperature if there is a residue that needs to be removed.

5- If you’re going to use the detergent in warm water, you should do it immediately before rinsing your clothes. Don’t wait till after you get out of the shower!

So, here’s what I did. I took all three wash mitts to the local hardware store. They had a good sized section where they sell laundry products. I went up and down aisles looking for the detergent that I needed. After some time, I found the washing detergent (Cedar and Seltzer). For a small part of the detergent, I already had some of it in my purse by the time I got back to the laundry room. The rest, I had to buy in the store. I used a credit card to pay for $3 of the product (it was $5.95 with my card). I was also able to get a full tub of the soap at the store using the same card.