How To Clean Your Electric Razor

Just because it’s electric doesn’t mean it doesn’t need regular maintenance.

You really want to take care of your electric razor. It takes a good deal of maintenance and use over the years, and you can even ruin it if you haven’t given it proper care. Not to mention that you probably have a few expensive maintenance tasks you just couldn’t do without while maintaining it. It sounds like a bit of a responsibility, but the more you know about it, the more you can enjoy using it the way it was intended.

I am not a doctor, so I am not qualified to tell you it’s okay to use this method or that method to clean your electric razor. I’m going to suggest a few ideas that may help you accomplish that job. But be warned that these methods are, in fact, incredibly unsafe.

How To Clean Your Electric Razor

There are a couple of ways to get at the blade. To start, try rubbing it down with petroleum jelly (like WD-40), dish soap, or the toothbrush type of cleaner you buy. Just make sure the blade is clean before you go in. Some blades will actually become coated with a film of oil and dirt. Those will be your next option.

Another option is to rub on a little bit of salt. A little salt on the blade will cause the lubrication gel and other gunk to clump around and prevent the blades from making contact with the soap.

Now your options are as follows:

Rinse with water on a regular basis and clean the area under the blade with rubbing alcohol (not dish soap, as it won’t clean the gel). The oil and dirt will be washed off with water

Take a rag and rub soap into the areas under the blade, starting at the blade center. Use a few drops of dish soap in the water as a lubricant

Now clean the blade and rinse with clean water

Some blades are particularly difficult to take care of, so you may have to use a special tool that can remove this film of oil or dirt.

You will eventually have to use either a wire brush or an electric razor scraper. An electric razor scraper is designed to pick off the gunks with a sharp edge. The wire brush can easily be used to remove the film of oil on blades.

Just remember that any razor cleaner will leave your razor blade coated and dirty. You can also scratch the surface of the blade with a fingernail after it has been cleaned. If your razor is dirty/damaged, you have to take care not to damage it, the oil must dry before you use it again!

That’s all I have to say about using electric razor maintenance products. I hope this answers some questions. This was the most complicated post I’ve ever written, so it had to be the one that caused me the most problems.