How To Clean Your Home So Your Kids Don’T Have To

It’s the secret. You can’t know, it’s a secret.

In the summertime it’s tough to find places to play or even go outside during the day. But if your house is cluttered it’s almost unthinkable to let your kids have a chance to play. Not to worry, we’ve got a wonderful trick that makes your home clean and tidy from the inside out. Don’t think this will be an easy task? That’s because it is. This may look like a messy process, but it only requires the use of your imagination. We’ve got a fantastic trick that removes the dirty spots on your wallpaper but leaves your floor clean at the same time.

Don’t be intimidated by these things it’s all just a matter of imagination and a good attitude. First you’re going to need to know what areas you can get rid of. Don’t worry, we’ve already got you covered.

Then it’s just a matter of putting on your creative hat. So try and imagine a scene of your house with the dirty areas on one wall and the neat areas on the other, and go from there. If you have a problem with one wall, try and go in the opposite direction. For example if you don’t like the way your toilet looks you can imagine your toilet cleaning the wall.

Let’s have a look at how easy this is to clean:

Step 1 Start with the messy side and think of areas of your house that you can clean.

Step 2 Make sure that you have two different areas of your home that you want to try and make cleaner. Keep the areas cleaner until you have a clean wall on each side.

Step 3 Pick 2 areas on each wall and make sure they are the same colours on both surfaces.

Step 4 Grab 2 different fabrics and draw lines of the colour of your choice on the wall opposite the areas you have just chosen.

Step 5 Paint the front of the fabric onto the wall opposite your chosen areas. Remember to have some paint on each arm as well, this will prevent your clothes from sticking to the wall.

Step 6 Repeat steps 1-4 on two other walls.

Step 7 Go back to step 1 and paint the other surfaces you have chosen.

Step 8 Repeat steps 1-8, paint the other two walls, and repeat steps 2-7.

Step 9 Once you’ve finished cleaning each section you need to clean the dirty area with the clean side, this will give it a fresh clean look.

Step 10 Make sure to brush off any paint that has stayed on the fabric with a cotton swab or a tissue.

Now you’ve got a clean, fresh wallpaper that’ll take your bedroom and bathroom floors to a whole new level.

Make sure you take your time when you’re preparing your new wallpaper. Your friends and family will be jealous!

Have fun with these little tricks because it can be done!

Now, let’s take a look at our top tips before you start cleaning up your house.

1. Be Creative, Be Careful!

We have covered a good chunk of the process already, but there’s one more thing we would like to mention. You have to be careful not to damage a wallpaper while it is drying. Just don’t let the material dry completely, be persistent and move it until you can reach the end. If you are in doubt let the drying process be a lesson to not stress too much about this. This will give you a stronger wallpaper.

2. Use an Acetone Lamp

While it’s best to use a cleaner on the surface you don’t have to wait for your new wallpaper to be fully dry. An acetone lamp is super handy for this and when you hold it at a lower angle there won’t be enough heat for it to dry at a normal rate.