How To Clean Your Laundry Machine When It’S Not Working

Sometimes the washing machine will just not work.

If the machine has not been used for 3 months it may need to be repaired. The machine must be in working order to clean your laundry. If you don’t have a good machine to start with, consider buying one at a garage sale or online. If you’re sure it’s not working, it’s best to let the manufacturer know first.

The most common reason for the cleaning cycle not working is a malfunctioning part of the machine. For example:

If the water gauge in the wash tank doesn’t work correctly, it means that the water flow has been blocked by accumulated debris or by old grime in the tank. You can usually open and close the splash guard to try to clear the obstruction and restart the cycle. You will need to start over from the beginning with the new water flow.

The water gauge indicator knob that’s designed to display how much free and clear surface water the washer has in your load is incorrectly fitted and may result in low water levels in the load. A faulty water gauge can also interfere with the water flow indicator. If this is the case and the water gauge indicator dial is off, you will need to adjust it. It’s best to do this when you have finished with the load.

If the wash-drying belt is sticking to any one point of the machine, that means that it may have come loose during use. It can be repaired by loosening the two end bolts that hold it to the floor and fixing the belt firmly to the floor. A loose wash-drying belt can cause leaks and damage to your clothes and may cause you to break out in a sweat.

If the washing machine is stuck in the rinse cycle without reaching the finish line, it may be blocked by a stuck or damaged pump valve. Or you may just need to put it on another cycle.

If you don’t get any air when it’s running, something is wrong with the air flow. You may have a faulty air filter. It should be checked regularly.

If the machine has become very hot and your clothes are starting to smell bad. Your machine may need to be turned off.

The machine may not be able to start without a plug to connect it to the electrical outlet. If this is the case and you try starting it again later on, it will start again without the plug.

You may think the lint filter has become stuck, or a faulty part of the machine. But if you go on and start the cycle, there may be no lint left to catch. You probably have to do another cycle.

If the machine seems to be taking a long time to start, the motor may be too worn out and may need to be replaced.

If you have some kind of problem with the machine, you may be able to get help from Customer Care at 1 914 987 807.