How To Clean Your Tampon When You’Re Soiled And Dry

What you put in your toilet can wreak havoc on your personal hygiene.

So it’s hard to put off the task of cleaning your tampons when they become soiled and dry. Luckily for you, this month, we’ve got an easy tip about cleaning tampons that will take less time and effort than any other tip out there. And it doesn’t involve a toilet.

The first bit of advice is this. Take out your tampon after you use it (unless it’s the first time you’re using it, in which case you can just leave it as it is). It’s important that it’s actually right after you’re done so that you can clean the cotton directly with your body fluids, but it’s ok if it stays in your drawer. Do not pour water onto it. If you use some kind of sanitary wipe, use that – but if you use nothing but your hands, you can use that instead. This is especially important because liquid is generally less absorbent than cotton pads are, so once you have it in your hand, you can wipe it down with water or sanitary wipes. 

The first thing we do after you use a tampon is make a lint-free pad by folding two layers of absorbent cotton together. You can buy a small lint-free pad, then wash it in regular water for a bit on the most-sanitary side. For the more-sanitary side, this is good enough to cover the pad (but not soak through to its absorbent content). For a more convenient, easier way to make a lint-free pad, see the following article . Do not try to use this method for reusable pads.

Next, use a damp cloth to wipe your pads down as recommended above: 

For reusable pads, wipe them down with the same soft, absorbent cotton cloth as the lint-free pad mentioned above (you can buy the lint free cloth at the same store that sells the lint-free tampon). Make sure you leave a bit of absorbent material under the pad, as most absorbent materials will make the pad too sticky.

Once you’ve wiped down your pads, the next thing you want to do is remove everything from the outside of a pad or tampon as well to help remove any leftover residue. If your pads, tampons, or other pad liners are coated in residue, follow these tips for cleaning them out.

For pads, use a cotton swab to clean off any residue on the outside of the plastic, plastic wrap, or tissue and place it in a paper bag.

For pads, you can also try wiping your pads with some mineral spirits or washing them off with mild dish soap (like you’d use for cooking a salad).

After that is done, remove the disposable plastic applicators, and wash the applicators with alcohol (the rubbing alcohol can make your tampons go rancid) or some kind of baby shampoo. Do NOT wash your tampons with normal baby shampoo.

Now that you’ve cleaned out what you want, put the pads back in your box and throw away the other ones you’ve bought at the store.

The next day, take out your freshly cleaned, lint-free pad and set it aside.

To clean your tampons, you can either wash them with alcohol or use a soft cloth to clean them.

Wash them as recommended above. Use the alcohol-cleansing methods for pads.

Next, rinse your pad or tampon with warm water.