How To Clean Your Toothbrush With Vinegar

It’s a simple yet ingenious idea. Simply soak the brush for at least 10 minutes in freshly dumped and sparkling white vinegar until the bristles are stripped of any sticky residue and clean.

Here are some handy tips that anyone can learn how to use to keep their toothbrush from sticking and ruining your taste buds.

How To Use Vinegar

Water Can Handle All Odors

Cleans Cleaner

Fresh and Refreshing

Use On Other Things Than Toothbrushes

Tested Results:

Cleaning brush and teeth:  96% Satisfaction Rating

Why Vinegar Is So Powerful

Here’s Why Vinegar Is So Powerful

Water Can Handle All Odors

Cleans Cleaner

Fresh And Refresh

Use On Other Things than Toothbrushes

Tested Results:

Cleaning brush and teeth:  96% Satisfaction Rating

The Daily Green found an interesting trick to be able to wash your whole body without washing your sheets. So what does rubbing it all over your body get you? Some surprising results:

100% Satisfaction Rating

“I found that my skin was more hydrated the next morning after I rinsed with water only. I am not convinced, however, that my skin is any lighter, or more tanned, or softer, or whiter. But I am willing to give it a try.”

You’ll Need…

2 fl oz white vinegar, 1 cup water 1 scoop of organic baking soda (optional but recommended) 1 cup white chocolate (optional) 1/4 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder 1/4 cup of unsweetened almond butter 1 tbsp of honey (optional) optional additions: 1/2 tbsp of organic agave syrup or 1 tbsp of Stevia extract 1/4 tsp of Himalayan Salt


Dump about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Spray on your body and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This is where the water will wash your body out and make your skin and hair shiny and moist. This is not too much time however; it’s just the soaking time. Rinse right off.

Spray all over. Make up a batch of brownies (or make other brownie concoctions) and let all your toothbrushes and other personal item get wet. After the cleaning you’re going to rinse off with fresh white vinegar (not the original, we’re doing this the easy way).

This will allow the cleaning magic of the white vinegar to penetrate all your surfaces.

Wash your whole body then towel dry. Rinse off with fresh vinegar.

You will notice a change in the texture (not the appearance!) of your body. Most people who try it say it feels moist and smooth and the skin appears taut. It is truly amazing what the white vinegar does.

I also found it really nice to eat my own clean food.

Now try it out. Wank up your hair and put a coat of cocoa powder on. Use it to clean your teeth and skin. Take a few shower rinses for your shampooing, or wash your body and face with the same vinegar mixture.

Clean Your Mouth And Lips With Vinegar

Wine can clean your teeth in a number of ways. I’d personally like to hear from you. How about you? Tell me how you like vinegar to clean out your mouth and make your breath smell fresh?

You can also use vinegar as an alternative to mouthwash. Just spray the vinegar right on your mouth (this is easy!), and gargle to get the soap out. This works just as good as brushing teeth or mouthwash.

What About Drinking Vinegar?

It is the same as drinking regular Coke! Drink up! If you’ve ever drank Coke, you’ve tasted its amazing whiteness!

“As with other citrus, citric acid in vinegar will stain everything you eat, including dishes and other foods.”

The Daily Green also points out that you should avoid drinking any water containing too much citric acid as it can cause gastric distress.

What is citric acid made of?

Citric Acid is an acid made up of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, and forms the basis of most citrus juices. Citrus can cause irritation if used in large quantities as a sour. This can affect both people and animals.

“Lemon juice, lime juice, grapefruit juice, passion fruit juice, and other sweet tropical fruits contain between 100 and 200 pCi of citric acid.”