How To Create A Clean House With Only Dirt

Our home should look beautiful, and we don’t want to ruin it with dirt! Dirt’s a common ingredient that you can easily mow (or vacuum) yourself. So dust off your dirtiest areas and pick up your vacuum.

In some cases, it looks like your house is covered with dirt, but if you just do some mowing, you’ll know exactly why your house is so dusty! To avoid that, here’s how your home can be cleansed once and for all with only dirt and sand, which is the minimum you’ll need to do at home – or buy for $200+.

Here are a few steps you can take to get the job done with only soil:

Step 1: Pick the Areas To Dust Off

First, pick the areas or areas you want to have mowed. Do NOT mow grasses/curb, or lawns.

When picking, take your time and don’t go too far. Don’t just rush to mow any dirt areas you see!

Step 2: Set Up Your Sow

Before you go around mowing a couple of sections at the edge of the yard, you need to set up your sow to prevent the dust from blowing off of the sod and onto areas you won’t be mowing.

When you want the sod in your yard set up, you need to go back and get the sow you plan on using.

Don’t use lawnmower or weed killer sprays… they aren’t going to work on grass.

Step 3: Sow A Sow

It’s best to start with a sow of the same type of seed you used with your previous turf mower (for example, grass seeds), because that’s what you use to spread the seed around as it germinated.

Step 4: Set The Sow Up Right

Now you can get to mowing!

Be sure to cut off all of the dirt by using one corner as a guide and cutting the sides off that way. Use a mower blade to cut off all of the dirt.

Remember to use enough seed from the sowing row to make sure there’s plenty of dirt to fill the blades. If you’re mowing the last section of sod or grass seeds, then just cut a little bit more. If you’re mowing the first section of grass seeds, just cut a little more. Just so you don’t get shorted.

To give you a rough idea in which direction to cut to avoid destroying the sod, I’ll use a lawn mower as an example.

As you cut, follow the mower blade and cut off all of the dirt using a mower blade.

Then, move the blade up and left and back to make sure there’s enough grass to fill the mower. 

Step 5: Mow

Once that’s finished, the next step will be to mow the sod.

With a sow, you can just use your mower. To give you an idea, here’s how I’ve mowed:

To cut the sod without damaging too much sod or grass, you need to do it in two, or even three sections.  It’s best to use your mower to go around the sod. It’s just as easy and even quicker.

Mow it as many times as you need. You aren’t mowing a big swath with this process (unless your family wants that), so go slowly and cut it as little as you can, so that the sod will dry out a little and soften up a bit. Mowing can make a big difference.

If there’s still too much grass left, just use your blade to cut off more grass. This means less mowing, which will mean a smoother, healthier lawn.