How To Create A Life Of Meaning And Purpose

Life is a series of interactions, and so is everything you do. You can create a life where you are engaged and make the most of the time you have. That is the value that is gained from my practice‣ and one that I see my clients‣ making. And most importantly, all that. When you are mindful, it is easy to be joyful, happy. Your life can feel more purposeful and meaningful. The joy can come from your friends while still being centered and focused. This is a very common occurrence.

You can experience joy on a number of levels. For example, there could be an underlying joy about the work that you are already doing. But when you are living in the moment, when you are in the physical space you are working in, joy becomes even more specific. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a professional. You can experience physical joy in a physical space when you feel that you are being supported by other physical forms of joy. When people are physical in that joy, it is more about being present in this space and listening and responding to what your body needs.

A good example of this is when you’re working with your partner‣ or more broadly any kind of support. You can be in the physical space and they will also experience pleasure but you’ll be more present in the moment and being responsive, more able to hear their needs. You are present in the pleasure experience, and then you can be in the moment, listening and responding. That is why I teach mindfulness and that is the reason I have been practicing and teaching this.

When a friend is working, or when you are working with your partner, you are all in the same physical space. All of your senses, all of your body are there. You are in there with them, so you can be in a state of mind of being present in the moment. And I say all of your senses because it isn’t just a physical space. You can be with a partner and it isn’t just a sense of touch, feeling your partner’s hands, feeling what their breath feels like. You can experience the vibration of their body. When you are there with your partner, it isn’t just about the sense of touch. It’s about the sense of awareness and how you respond to it.

What is so special about our human relationship is what I sometimes call that connection to all of the senses in a very intimate way. For instance, if your partner is not feeling well, you are present in their body because it’s like you are with them. You can have access to their body in that way. When you are in the physical space, being present in that sense of awareness is what you might call the connection to all of the senses.

The point is that all of your senses are always present. It doesn’t matter what the way you are experiencing it is. One sense of touch might be very intimate. One might be very far away. You might be in the middle of your work and you’re listening to somebody at the other end of your phone. When you are present and sensitive, all of the senses are present. And so with mindfulness one of the ways we have to be present in all of our senses is by being present in the physical space.

All of the senses are present. The one thing that we want to do is keep them present for as long as possible. By keeping your sense of touch present, not just for several seconds but for many hours, you can still have the connection to touch but you can also be present in the world. If your partner is feeling well, you have a relationship with that partner that is very important. You can still be connected and respond to it. But if your partner is not feeling as well, your attention can turn toward other parts of their life. You can also turn your attention to their needs, their desires, their goals and how they are approaching their life. That is a form of kindness and empathy and it also gives your mind a way of being present in the world, and you have a way of listening as well. You can also be with their body.