How To Create A Mindfulness Environment At Home

As someone who spends a good deal of time in the kitchen, I have learned a great deal about cooking. Though the skills are similar, there are many nuances between a professional cook and an actual human being.

When I am cooking, I ask my mind, “Which of these things can I take out? Which of these can I add? Which of these can I leave out?” Because it is all based in my subconscious. There are no rules. My mind knows a lot about nutrition and food, and my subconscious, the “lucid body”, knows a lot about cooking. It’s both sides of our brain together. And that’s cool.

Here are some things to consider while cooking:

Can I prepare foods that I’m already familiar with from the market?

Sometimes I can, in a great number of cases. For example, you can substitute the salt and pepper in your recipes with the herbs in the garden. Or just buy the kind of ingredients you want and blend them together at home. Don’t make the mistake I did for years: try to recreate something you see in one of the movies or on TV. I mean, it might still be good, but there is no way of knowing whether or not it is going to actually be delicious.

Why does this particular recipe need to be prepared three times? So many people have to eat three or four different kinds of food when you’re at college. If you can have three meals, why are you not making it easier and quicker for everyone?

Do you need to have a special kind of ice cream? You’re not going to eat it on campus either, and you’re probably not going to have time for an ice cream truck. The convenience store is probably not the best place to try it.

How many servings do you need? For example, at UCC there’s only one thing for dessert and that’s ice cream. Can you just substitute your favorite dessert and save yourself a lot of time? I have a tendency toward the extreme of how much I can really handle, but also how much energy I can give a recipe. At UCC, we have a lot more healthy options for serving the desserts. Why can’t you have a simple dessert, such as lemonade from your local shop, and save yourself the trouble?

Do you need to use the same kind of food for each dish? For some of the meals in the college town, it would be great if each was a special occasion so people can have their own experiences and share them.

Don’t worry too much about it because it’s really not up to you, you can’t control what your friends are going to eat at school.

But there is so much more to cook at home than you might think. You need to remember that your subconscious works a lot harder that you do, even if all the rules about how to do it all come to you later. If your mind isn’t ready to let us play around with a delicious dish or something new, then how are you going to be able to do it later?

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Also, do you want to learn more about meditation? If so, the great book Mindful Eating : Mindful Eating For Health Benefits and Comfort by Mimi Lederberg and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the book for you!

Check out the video on this post to learn how to create a mindfulness environment at home .

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